Don't Knock On This Door... Unless You're Gary Barlow

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The note - which is posted outside Natasha's home in Norwich - reads: "Twin boys asleep, only knock on door if: A) you're Gary Barlow, B) I've won on the premium bonds, C) someone I know has died".


And Her photograph of the sign, which the mum of three originally shared on the Unmumsy Mum Facebook page, already has 44k likes!

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Natasha says she put the sign up because she works from home on Tuesdays, and only " had a small window of opportunity for them to sleep and me to work."

"I always put a sign up. The words vary but on Tuesday I thought 'who wouldn't I mind interrupting us?'"

However, she said that she would  "die on the spot" if the Take That singer actually did turn up outside her door.

Fellow parents are also joining in on the joke, and have started sharing their similar creations in the comments section of Natasha's Facebook post.

This one is captioned: "My postman is a dickhead."

And it turns out a lot of people have this problem...

So postman/salespeople/cold callers beware!

The mums of Britain are on to you!

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