Drivers In China Are Using Spooky Decals To Stop People From Using Their Full Beams


When we hit the road in our cars, the inconsiderate actions of others can go from being a minor irritation to a full-blown rage inducer, not least of which is people having their full-beam headlights on for no reason. It's annoying as hell when you're going through the drive-thru, and what's more, it can actually be really distracting, and therefore dangerous, if you're both moving along at speed.

So, as drivers, what can we do about this problem? After all, yelling "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, BLIND ME?!" out of the window isn't always a viable option.

Well, modern problems require modern solutions, and drivers in China have taken to fitting their rear-view windows with spooky reflective decals, in the hope that it will deter other drivers from using their beams unnecessarily.

As you can see, they look like something straight out of a horror movie, and if you're anywhere near as squeamish as me, you'd probably turn your beams off straight away if you saw one of these looking back at you.

The decals are only really visible to other drivers if they have their full beams going - the idea being that, if they want them to go away, they know that they have to turn their beams off, as they should have done minutes ago.

However, as cool as these things are, it does raise a few safety concerns. I mean, what if one of these things gave some poor old dear a fright while she was driving, and she swerved all over the road? The sight of them could be incredibly distracting for other road users. Plus, a lot of people like horror movies, and might keep their beams going just to look at them!

Anyway, safety concerns aside, it's a pretty clever idea, and the technology behind how they reflect is pretty cool. To be honest though, I can imagine these products would come up against some kind of healthy and safety regulation if they were introduced in the West.

What do you think of these decals, folks? Would you put one on your window? Let us know your thoughts in the comments as always.