Ed Sheeran Named In Plagiarism Lawsuit Over Co-Written Song 'The Rest of Our Life'

Ed Sheeran Named In Plagiarism Lawsuit Over Co-Written Song ‘The Rest of Our Life’

Ed Sheeran Named In Plagiarism Lawsuit Over Co-Written Song ‘The Rest of Our Life’

Ed Sheeran has recently been hit with a plagiarism lawsuit after his song ‘The Rest of Our Life’ struck a wrong chord with writers of a song recorded by Australian star Jasmine Rae.

Sheeran’s co-written song for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is under fire for being an “almost note for note copy” of Jasmine Rae’s song ‘When I Found You’, which was thought up by Sean Carey and Beau Golden.

While in New York last week, Carey and Golden have both filed a lawsuit which accuses Sheeran and co-writers of “wilful copyright infringement”, so says¬†Hollywood Reporter. They comment that the similarities of the songs and the mimickry are “obvious to the ordinary observer.”

Richard Busch is representing the two Sydney songwriters – the same guy behind the Marvin Gaye “Got to Give It Up” case, meaning Gaye’s family won $5.3m against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, due to similarities between Gaye’s song and “Blurred Lines.”

Additionally, Busch was at the head of the $20m suit over another of Sheeran’s songs, “Photograph”, although this was settled outside of court.

Others named in the “The Rest of Our Life” lawsuit are co-writers Johnny Mcdaid, Amy Wadge, and Steve Mac, as well as several publishers. The desired result comes with a $5m conseqence and a permanent block of the song.

According to the complaint, Rae, a named co-writer for “When I Found You”, mentioned that a fan directed tweet at her to point out the similarities between the songs. It says that Sheeran was also “exclusively touring in Australia” at the time when Rae’s song was extremely successful in the same place.

Rae remains absent from the suit, which is due to the fact that her boyfriend noticed similarities between the two songs for around two months before it was released, as he is a marketing manager for Sony Music and was involved with the promotion of “The Rest of Our Life.”

No comments about the suit have yet been made by Sheeran, Hill, or McGraw. It’s evident that Sheeran has been under criticism a lot as of late – his song “Shape of You” apparently bears similarities to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” along with Tracy Champan’s “Mountain O’Things.”

Oddly enough, Sheeran discreetly added credits to his song “Shape of You” so that the writers of TLC’s “No Scrubs” were included. The 1999 hit broke a number of streaming and sales records at the time.

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