This Old Woman Will Lick Your Eyeballs Clean For Just €10 And Has Had Over 5,000 Clients


Hava Celebic is an 80-year-old Bosnian woman who makes her living charging €10 to lick clean the surface of your eyeballs, and claims to have cured over 5, 000 people of... well, eye trouble you'd hope! 

(Source: Metro)

They called me mad when I said to my careers guidance counselor that when I  grew up I wanted to lick people's eyeballs clean for ten dollars a pop! But Hava Celebic (or Nana Hava as she is professionally known as in eye licking circles) stuck out her dream and is now Bosnia and Herzegovina's premium eye licker!

I'm joking of course... they never had career guidance counsellors when I was in school!

Nana Hava's clients swear by her treatment! However, it's unclear whether the €10 charge is applied per eye, or whether that's the price for both eyes to be licked, 'cause I tell ya' €20 for both my eyes licking is a complete rip off!

(Source: Daily Mail)

The octogenarian licks all around the eyeball and gets particularly deep into the upper eye socket in order to remove sources of irritation in the patient's eye such as bits of sawdust, iron shavings, glass shards or coal fragments. 

If you're worrying about how sanitary this whole process is (which you absolutely should be, and if you aren't please rethink your life choices) then you needn't be concerned as Nana Hava washed her mouth out with alcohol before eye licking!

(Source: Metro)

The way the process works is the patient sits back in a chair while Nana Hava lunges in hungrily (she doesn't really lunge but could you imagine how terrifying that would be?), prizes the unsuspecting patient's eyelid open (the patient is expecting it, this is fully consensual), and then sticks her tongue into the eye and goes rooting for things that shouldn't be in there.

Nana Hava says that she has treated people from all over the globe who have come to her front room for the treatment, from American to Russians and presumably every eyeball in between.

(Source: Daily Mail)

In an interview she discussed her bizarre practice:

'There are a lot of those that modern medicine could not help.

'They came to me out of the hospital with swollen eyes, I clean them and remove the speck.

'I don't charge licking for those who are not employed and have no money but my service fee normally costs around 10 Euros.'

However, her next comments were perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole story...

(Source: Daily Mail)

When asked what her legacy will be, the poor 80-year-old woman had a quite terrifying thing to say:

'Unfortunately I can not pass this to my descendants, because my children are too disgusted to put their tongue on someone's eye.'

'I've been told that people will cut out my tongue when I die so the village can continue to treat people.'

I mean, I wasn't exactly on board with the eye licking in the first place, but the idea of it being a dead tongue is just a step too far! 

The way she says it kind of implies that they've decided on this course of action without consulting her. What if she doesn't want her tongue cut out so you can all shove it in your eyes once she's dead... the world is a strange place.

Also, wouldn't it be really dry, would it be someone's job to lubricate the tongue? I'm thinking about this WAY too much...

Do you think that you could let Nana Hava lick your eyeballs out? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to tag whoever you think is disgusting enough to do this! AAx