Ever Noticed That McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Come In 4 Specific Shapes?

Ever Noticed That McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Come In 4 Specific Shapes?

Ever Noticed That McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Come In 4 Specific Shapes?

Bone, bell, boot, or bell? Have you ever noticed that your gorgeous box of chicken nuggets come in four different shapes?

According to McDonald’s, there is a very special reason for that.

The first reason why the chicken nuggets are four very odd shapes is because the standard size and shape ‘ensures the consistent cooking times for health and safety’.


However, that’s not the only reason your chicken nuggets are a certain shape.

Bite size pieces come from four very different shapes, and have you ever noticed when you’re chowing down on your chicken nuggets that each bite seems almost perfect?

The next time you order chicken nuggets, just carefully look at them all, and you’ll see what we’re on n about.

According to McDonald’s Canada, the another reason that these delicious chicken nuggets come in four different shapes is because it creates the ‘perfect equilibrium of dip-ability and fun’.


Also, McDonald’s thought that having five different chicken nugget shapes would be too ‘wacky’ and three would be ‘too few’. I can’t help but agree that four different shapes seem like the perfect number.

The wacky shapes of the chicken nuggets are targeted to ‘kids and kids at heart to make dipping more fun’, according to a McDonald’s Q&A.

But the big question is, how do they make them into these specific shapes?


The chicken meat is pressed out and cut with something that resembles a ‘rolling cookie cutter’. After being shaped, the nuggets are coated in two layers of batter before being dispatched into fryers where they’re partially cooked.

After that, the nuggets are frozen and sent off the McDonald restaurants across the country.

Cool, isn’t it?

Have you ever noticed the four different shapes of a McDonald’s chicken nugget before now? Let us know in the comment section!