Expectant Moms Are Now Getting Ultrasound Nails To Flaunt Their Pregnancy In Style


Mothers-to-be can now wear their ultrasound scans with pride in nail art from in what has become the most recent fingernail fashion trend, and the internet is quite divided on it!

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Nail art has been through some super strange fashion trends over the last few years (need I remind you again about the time that people were putting live ants in their nails? 'Cause I'm still not over it!) but the most recent of these has come in the form of ultrasound nails, and it's one of the cutest one's we've seen!

Seeing mothers proudly flaunting their prized first images of tiny humans living rent free in their own bodies is just one of the most wholesome fashion choices that I've seen for a long time, and when done well, it can be freakin' beautifully classy!

The swirling effect created by the ultrasound also has a wonderful Van-Gogh quality to it... 

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Most people opting for the look choose to have their cutie patootie mini people scans displayed on their ring fingers, alongside fairly dark or plain colors due to the fact of the ultrasound image is quite an unusual pattern and should be allowed to stand out!

However, this hasn't stopped some slightly more... garish looks emerging. Still though, I guess it's still lovely to see these women happily celebrating their babies, even if the look is a little over the top...? 

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It might seem weird to want an ultrasound put on your nails, but considering how much new parents cherish the moment of seeing their new jelly-bean looking babies for the first time it is no wonder that moms-to-be would want it on their hands so they can see their new baby whenever they want! 

Also saves wandering around with a photograph in your pocket I guess!

Some of the designs don't take over the full nail but are small inclusions on the nail, which can accentuate the look even more.  

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Some parents even use their ultrasound nails to go the whole hog and reveal their babies gender as well! 

Also, as much as I like these nails, does the baby ultrasound not look a little bit spooky, like a still from a Tim Burton stop-frame animation...

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While most of the internet is completely on board with the look, there are a few nail enthusiasts who aren't sure on the look and have been commenting their unease with the look:

'This is weird' - Chelsea Fehlauer 

'This is so strange... hahah but beauty is in the eye of the beholder?' - Lucy Zhu-Lee

'Strange..i wouldn't do it but whatever makes you happy.' - Ashley Young

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The look has not only been adopted by expectant mothers, but one woman (pictured below) also shared a photo of her ultrasound nails which were taken before she miscarried her baby. She said that the choice to get the nails three years after she lost the baby has helped her to move forward:

'I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile'.

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I think that this can be a fantastic look, and regardless of what people think about it, it's wonderful seeing moms so excited about their new children and they should be able to show that off any way they freakin' want!

I really think the look benefits from a more low-key approach though, muted or standard nail designs to compliment the stranger and busier look of the ultrasound images. 

Check me out giving out my thoughts on fashion things! Just call me Anna freakin' Wintour! 

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What do you make of this look? Are you a fan or do you think it's a little too strange? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to tag any expectant mothers who you think would want to rock this look! AAx