Expert Says Dogs Are Likely Dreaming About Their Owners & People Can't Handle The Cuteness!

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The expert answered a bunch of questions about technical differences between human sleep and pet sleep, such as REM cycles and movement, but it was when the expert explained the content of dogs' dreams that people lost their shit.

Owners learnt that their dogs were probably dreaming about them, and people got really emotional about how adorable that is. Which is understandable, because dogs are precious cinnamon rolls too good for this world. So pure. So great.

The above image has been retweeted 60,000 times as of Monday this week, and other people have also expressed their feels on the subject over Twitter...

While there are no guarantees that our pets are actually dreaming of us, the mere possibility is enough for pet owners, who somehow love their animals even more after hearing this piece of news...

Seriously, what did we do as a species to deserve the pure goodness of dogs?

Put a picture of your napping pup in the comments so we can all have immediately better days. Pictures of dogs make everything so much better.

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