10 Things Facebook is Full of These Days

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1. Competitions

People are liking and sharing pictures of cute dresses or bags of make up from small boutique shops so that they can WIN WIN WIN. However, if your privacy settings are set to 'only friends see my posts' (most peoples are) then you can never win that competition; the reason why? Because unless the person who set up the competition is an actual friend of yours, they literally can't see you shared it!

2. Missing dogs

It's heartbreaking to see an owner who's desperate to be reunited with a dog (that you suspect has been stolen to use is dog fights) so it's hard not to share their plea. If there's a small chance there dog will be found, it's worth a share. And occasionally the posts are successful, which leads to more and more desperate dog owners turning to Facebook for support. Tip: Read the comments before you share; sometimes the owners has commented that their dog has in fact been found, however people haven't seen that, so they're still sharing the photos.

3. Videos

Cool videos start playing in your News Feed with out you even having to click on them! Most of them are worth a watch (or they wouldn't make there way into your Feed). The only problem is that they're so tempting to watch at work but when you're in a meeting you just can't click on it or the sound will give you away!

4. Sponsored Posts

Facebook is making money these days and the way they do it is by letting company's pay them to put posts into your feed. Facebook's quite clever so it try's to put in posts/pages that you might be interested in but it doesn't always get things right. Have a quick glance at your News Feed, did you realise how many sponsored posts are being shown to you every day? No wonder we're not seeing our friends knees on holiday anymore, we're being shown adverts instead!

5. News/Magazines

Online magazines like Beamly UK and Cosmopolitan etc are delivering all the latest Kardashian gossip and we can't help ourselves but click on these beautiful people. Why buy a copy of Closer these days when you get the celeb news fresh to your Facebook as soon as it breaks.

6. Political Opinions

Whether it's videos of Ed Miliband rapping or David Cameron photoshopped up Obama's behind, we're starting to see a lot of our friends opinions on politics. Thanks to the general election, people have become all too aware of who their friends are supporting. Beware: don't get sucked into mindless political banter, if people don't know what they're talking about, it's better to stay well away because we all know how frustrating idiots can be.

7. '23 things everyone thinks before a night out'

People seem to like list posts (thanks to Buzzfeed) so that's the main type of blog post we see. They're easy to scroll down and usually include funny pictures of GIFs. Even if you only agree with less than half of the points, you're still likely to enjoy the post.

8. 'He found a trapdoor and you won't believe what was inside'

This is called 'click baiting'. The post is so intriguing, peoples curiosity gets the better of them and they can't resist clicking on the post. Most of the time the story's pretty interesting but when it's a let down, it's a total let down.

9. Local News

Regional news from your area is shared around when there's a breaking on a road you know or someone in the town has been sent down for a violent crime. Your local news is turning into crime watch, sharing CCTV footage to see who can identify the local wheelie bin thief.

10. Someone raising money for Charity

If you donated to everybody through Just Giving, you wouldn't have any of your salary left. These day's everybody seems to be doing at least a 5k run but some take it to the maximum with challenges like Tough Mudder, marathons and multiple marathon. Fair play to them, but if you want to support everyone, you can't donate more than a fiver per person these days.

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