Man Skypes Parents As He Jumps Out Of a Plane

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Okay, we'll start by giving said parents a bit of credit: when thinking they were just having a normal catch-up chat with their son who is travelling around Australia, currently in Sydney, he then proceeded to jump out of a plane live on Skype! The traveller, Roger, was approached by HostelWorld at the hostel in which he was staying, a company who were looking for travellers with an adventurous streak to do a skydive - from 14,000 foot.

Speaking of the experience, Roger Ryan - originally of Louth - said, "We all know it’s normal to call your parents whilst travelling, usually from the comfort of a hostel or café. But why not share your travel adventures with them first hand?"

The poor unsuspecting parents were great sports Pat and Mary, who were the real entertainment from this clip. With a plethora of colourful language, we see the gradual realisation that their son is plunging 14,000 feet hit with amusing reactions.

Check out the clip below to see for yourself:

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