Famous Women Reveal Their Wise Words On Heartbreak & How To Move On From "The One That Got Away"

Famous Women Reveal Their Wise Words On Heartbreak & How To Move On From “The One That Got Away”

Famous Women Reveal Their Wise Words On Heartbreak & How To Move On From “The One That Got Away”

    Heartbreak, I’m sad to say, is an inevitable part of life. There is really no getting around it. Whether you’re a stone-cold ice queen or a happy-go-lucky-love-everyone-and-anyone-ray-of-sunshine, odds are you’ll get your heart broken. Soz, hun.

    But fret not, because everyone has a story about the one who got away. Everybody on God’s green Earth knows what it’s like to feel like your heart is being pummeled with boxing gloves of emotion.

    Fortunately, you will survive your heartbreak! And when you get out to the other side you will be so much stronger and wiser. That was certainly the case for these incredible celebrities, who are here to share their wisdom with you and your achey-breaky-heart.


    1. Reese Witherspoon

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    Elle Woods herself has stepped up to the plate to dish out this truth bomb.

    Yes, breaking up sucks but it’s also an opportunity to learn and to discover how you could make the next relationship better.

    2. Meghan Markle

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    Easy for you to say Meghan! You moved on to a freakin’ Prince!

    But seriously, this is VERY good advice! Just take time to appreciate your alone time and show yourself some love! Be grateful for what you have and try not to pine so much for what you lost.

    3. Jennifer Anniston 

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    Okay, gals, listen UP. This is Jennifer Anniston, the woman who broke up with Brad Pitt, was hounded by the media but still went on to find the man of her dreams, continue to make her millions and still looks like she’s twenty-one despite being a considerable way off of twenty-one!

    Rise above it, folks. IT WILL BE OKAY!


    4. Rihanna

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    It’s so true! Let all the emotions out! Don’t pen them up, you can be a strong independent person and still allow yourself to weep every so often.


    5. Taylor Swift

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    The queen of the break-up herself! Taylor Swift writes break-up songs like no other and she’s got some damn good points about moving on!

    Make new memories with your friends, they love you too!


    6. Ellen Degeneres

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    Even the mega-famous, mega-successful, mega-lovely people get their heart broken. But if Ellen can get herself together and go on to spread kindness and love, then so can you!


    7. Uma Thurman

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    Don’t knock out your best advisors! They’re there to help you and although you may not appreciate their words at the time, they may just be right!


    8. Katy Perry

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    You know what they say! The only thing better than drinking and Cheetos? Hikes, vitamins, therapy, prayer and good friends!

    Be kind to yourself, honey.


    9. Ciara

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    Strive to be happy! Even though it hurts and can be hard, you have to want to succeed!


    10. Eva Longoria

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    Preach it, Eva! Maybe it didn’t work out with this person (even though you really liked them) but it will still work out with someone else!


    11. Oprah Winfrey

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    This is just so sad. Thank goodness Oprah was able to pull herself back up because, heck, she is SO special, AND SO ARE YOU!

    12. Carrie Fisher

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    Princess Leia has spoken!

    What a beautiful sentiment. So much will come from a broken heart, why no invest that energy into something truly beautiful?? You can do it!

    Whose advice will you be taking? What words of wisdom would you have given your former-self about heartbreak? Let me know in the comments!