Yes, uggs are still around believe it not. After bursting onto the scene in the 2000s, they became synonymous with a certain kind of lower-class gal and, as a result, have struggled to shake the negative connotations ever since. If you’re the kind of man who’s into animal welfare, then you’re really gonna hate uggs as they’re made from shearling, the skin from sheep with the fleece still attached. Millions of sheep bite the dust every day in order for clothing like this to be made.


Diane Keaton popularised women wearing menswear when she starred in the comedy classic Annie Hall in 1979. To this day, it continues to be an inspiration for many women looking to mix things or be taken more seriously in the workplace. But if you’re looking to impress a guy with it, you might want to reconsider. For some, seeing a woman dressing like them isn’t gonna scream sexy.

Shoulder pads

In the 1980s, shoulder pads were a big statement. Today, they’re an even bigger one. If you’re a woman with very wide hips, shoulder pads can help balance out the shape of your body. But one woman’s life-saver is another man’s ick. Shoulder pads tend to make the woman wearing them look powerful and important. And for some men, this is inexcusable. A confident and powerful woman? Not on their watch!

Heavy eye makeup

Men are picky. We know this. The littlest thing can turn them off a woman and makeup is no different. While the MUA tutorial age has vastly improved the basic skills of women across the world, bold naive choices are still made in front of the mirror. Heavy eye makeup being one. Men love to go off about “natural beauty” so applying this amount to your face just screams unattractive.

Mom Jeans

Nobody knows how, nobody knows exactly when, but at some point between 2007–2012ish, women went from wearing jeans that began below their hip bones, to wearing jeans that began at the bottom of their ribcage. The Mom Jean was and continues to be a cultural phenomenon. At the drop of a hat, you couldn’t move for a high waisted pair of denim jeans. High waisted anything, truthfully. For some men, this look tends to make women look bigger than they are. And also like their mom.

Giant high heels


Did you know studies have found that wearing heels strengthens the ankle joints and muscles and therefore reduces the chances of women developing arthritis? A modest high heel also goes a long way aesthetically, improving the posture of any woman who wears them. But there is a fine line between elegance looking like you’re on the game. Giant high heels are a big turn off.


We live in the age of casual wear. Since the explosion of yoga and Zumba in the western world, going about your daily business in a pair of leggings or sweats has become the norm for many women. Gone are the days of dressing up to get milk and bread. The flipside of these comfy pants is that they don’t flatter anyone who isn’t toned like a supermodel. As such, men are not fans.

Bright lipstick

Women and lipstick go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it be matte, glitter or glossy, they’re all up in it. Some even opt for a bold, bright option, usually in red, which can really make a face pop. There’s some bad news, though. Bright lipstick isn’t every man’s cup of tea, as many consider it quite tacky and cheap-looking. Subtler, lighter shades will go a long way.

Drawn-on eyebrows

The second Cara Delevigne appeared on Tumblr feeds at the turn of the 2010s, big, bold eyebrows made a huge impact. Overnight, women were ditching the pencil thin eyebrows of the past and Googling how to gain thick, voluminous eyebrows ASAP. For girls who weren’t naturally blessed, the only options was to apply it with a pen. Men haven’t taken to this trend very well, viewing it as more masculine than feminine.


Men aren’t fooled by the fancy name. Well, truth be told, they probably don’t know what the name is but the what they do know is that they don’t like the frilly parts at the bottom of a shirt or the top of a skirt. Peplums are a popular choice among women. Even billionaire fashionista Kim Kardashian has been pictured wearing them a few times. But that’s not enough. Men have made their mind up, and they think they’re unflattering.