Father Is Bullied By Some Young Punk, Until He Teaches Him A Lesson He Will Never Forget

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A 25-year-old rascal was making discourteous remarks towards a man's wife and little girl, and he at last had enough.

The youthful hoodlum was harassing and shouting at two ladies, a mother and a little girl, yet didn't understand the father was close-by. The father, just about 20 years more established than the assailant, had no issues strolling up to him and standing up to him.

The 44-year-old drew nearer a more youthful man, who instantly turned unfriendly. The punk can be heard saying he would hit the more established man regardless of how old he was. The more established man of honor rapidly puts him in his place and made an idiot of him before everybody. Ideally he thumped some sense into him!

That presumably hurt more than his pride...

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