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First impressions can be important. Making a good first impression can mean all the difference in you nailing that job interview, bagging that second date or even meeting a potential lifelong friend in a complete stranger. However, make a bad first impression - or, indeed, no impression at all - and you might miss out on the job or torpedo that chance at romance, in the end losing out to someone perhaps more confident and socially adept.

Meeting people for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Some of us are naturally self-assured, while for others the solution is to simply act confident, faking it until we make it; for some people, it's natural to compensate for any social awkwardness by being a little unexpected and outrageous; meanwhile for others still, it's preferable just to hold back and let other people do the talking, resisting any pressure or temptation to show all our cards and get too familiar too quickly.

Still, whether you're naturally a people person or more of a wallflower, it can be difficult to know what kind of impression you actually make upon first meeting people. Unless we're in a rare position where we receive feedback on our first impressions - speed dating, anyone? - how strangers and newcomers respond to us can remain largely a mystery.

With that in mind, we've devised a foolproof quiz that will solve the mystery for you once and for all. Are you instantly likeable, or do you tend to rub people the wrong way? Are you immediately noticeable to a room of strangers, or are you the kind of person who tends to just blend in and observe? Answer these questions and all will be revealed.

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