Flat Earther Offers $100,000 For Proof That Earth Is Round... Now Refuses To Pay

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Have you heard of the Flat Earthers? Well, if not, they're members of the Flat Earth Society... which is basically a society based on the belief that the Earth is actually, in fact,  flat, despite every piece of damning scientific evidence which proves that it is not.

Well, Flat Earthers may have not been up in the headlines so much recently, but never dear, I can promise you they are still around and spouting their ridiculous views, still ignoring all scientific evidence and still getting angry about pretty much everything on social media. Lucky us!

Flat Out Hero

'This Flat Earther Owes Me $100,000'

The video also saw him call out on person in particular, fellow YouTuber Wolfie6020 as he laid out grounds of his challenge.


I mean it's pretty simple, and fair, right? Someone sets a challenege, someone else completes it, so like, the guy who set the challenge basically has to give the guy who completed said challenge $100,000 right? What could go wrong?



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