Food Hacks That Don't Actually Work


Some of these ingenious ideas have been passed around popular culture for a few years now, however have now been disproved by professionals in cooking at Good Housekeeping Institute.

From keeping your apples with potatoes to prevent them sprouting, to storing salad in clingfilm to prolong its life, these hacks simply waste time.

However the experts have also revealed tips that really do work, and could potentially save you a small fortune, cut waste and make life that little bit simpler.

Myth #1 Storing Apples With Potatoes Will Stop Them Sprouting

One popular myth is that storing apples with potatoes will stop your spuds from sprouting too quickly.

But when experts looked into it, it turned out that they sprouted and aged as normal, despite buddying up with the apple.

If you're really keen to stop those 'tatoes sprouting, we recommend keeping them in a cool, dark place that won't get wet. Don't put them in a fridge, a dark cupboard is ideal.

Myth #2 Keep Salad Leaves Fresher In Cling Film

This food hack suggests that keeping your greens in the film, after placing them on dry paper towels, will keep them fresher.

This nevertheless has been discredited. The leaves apparently become damp as quickly, they did however dry out a lot quicker than if they were stored normally.

The best way to prolong the life of your greens is to keep them in an airtight bag, or in its original packaging

Myth #3 - Don't Freeze Alcohol

Another potential "hack" is that alcohol will not freeze, however this is not the case, as wine will in fact freeze.

It is true that you shouldn't freeze spirits, as they won't actually freeze and the volume of alcohol may actually reduce if exposed to dramatic temperatures.

You can freeze your wine by pouring any leftovers into trays designed for ice cubes, and then potentially add them to any other glasses of wine you may have in the future, to keep them cool without diluting them. That's a life hack in itself.

Myth #4 Salt Removes Red Wine

A myth that has circulated around homes through the ages. But alas, it's all a lie.

It was proposed that salt would help get rid of the stain as it absorbs liquid. However it's been found that the substance could actually permanently stain your clothes.

There is actually a trick however which will actually help you remove your red wine stains. If on a carpet, apply soda water, if on clothes, use hairspray and wash thoroughly afterwards.

There are however, food hacks that do actually have a recommendation with them.

Hack #1 Freeze Your Veg

Don't just shove them into a bag raw though and freeze them, this will still cause them to go off. Peel, boil, drain, and bang straight into iced water. Drain again, dry, and bang into a plastic bag and freeze. It seems like a right farce but your veg will freeze.

Hack #2 Vinegar and Lemon Clean Everything

This is not just the cheapest method of cleaning available, but it attacks grime to give kitchens a glisten.

Hack #3 Store Pancake Mix Accordingly

Making pancakes? If so , it's likely you made too many. Not to worry though. Use an old ketchup bottle to store any leftovers in, and keep for your next pancake based conquest. Admittedly this hack may come a little late for most, following the absolute pig out on pancakes on the infamous "Pancake Day".