Former Stray Dog Has Made The Ultimate Turnaround And Is Now A Professional Food Blogger


1.) A spot of seafood

Okay, so that clam chowder and seafood platter look absolutely mouth-watering, no wonder Popeye is licking his lips! Can we talk about his adorable Pupreme shirt for a second though? It is probably the most wholesome thing I have ever seen.

2.) Dressed for the occasion

Just look at how fancy Popeye looks in his new shirt! I still cannot understand how he behaves so well around plates of food that look that delicious. Pulled pork? Yes, please! I am suddenly very hungry...

3.) Where to start?!

Everyone deserves someone who looks at them the way Popeye looks at that egg and truffle toast. Clearly, Popeye is a very high-class dog, only truffles for the very best. Although, those jam donuts and spicy chicken wings look pretty awesome too.

4.) Can't go wrong with a burger and chips

This probably looks like the best burger and chips I have EVER seen! And that milkshake...this is honestly to DIE for. Popeye needs to teach me how to have his level of willpower.

5.) That's a dessert and a half

Wow, how does Popeye know so many delicious places to eat?! If this was me, there wouldn't even be time to snap a picture before I had eaten every single thing on the plate in front of me. Sorry, not sorry.

6.) Going all out

At the weekend Popeye doesn't like to hold back, he indulges in huge platters all by himself! Or not, maybe his owner does because Popeye is too healthy and perfect to touch such delicious food. I'm not jealous at all...

7.) A dessert to end all desserts

This literal dessert MOUNTAIN looks like something straight out of a dream or fantasy. It just looks so delicious and perfect, I would eat this all day every day if I could.

8.) Valentine's Day pup

Popeye is quite the romantic and what better way to show your romantic side than through food?! Who could say no to those adorable eyes and, most importantly, such a delicious-looking cookie?

9.) Getting classy

Popeye isn't afraid to show his sophisticated side when enjoying a cookie and a cake with the girls. I need to find these places, all of the food looks so delicious!

10.) Popeye has other food blogger friends too

Popeye and his corgi friend are on the search for the best Boba tea in LA. That is most certainly a mission I would be happy to accept!

11.) So. Much. Food!

Popeye was homeless and starving, most dogs rescued in that position develop a deep love for food. However, Popeye doesn't seem to be tempted by any of these big eats!

12.) Let them eat cake

Those are probably the biggest slices of cake ever to have existed. Even though I love cake, it would be a mission to eat one of those on your own! I didn't say I wouldn't try to though...

13.) Let's go to brunch

Let's be honest, brunch is a wonderful invention and should be a mandatory meal every single day. This spread of avocado toast, maple granola, and Greg’s biscuits look UNREAL.

14.) Never too full for more food

This banana pudding looks like the lightest, tastiest thing to ever have graced the Earth. It's now on my bucket list to go and eat there. Popeye is definitely doing a great job as a food blogger!

15.) The king of pizza

Popeye doesn't seem to be one for small portion sizes but who wants to go small anyway? That's boring! This gigantic pizza looks like heaven to me.

16.) Matcha heaven

This matcha puff, eclair and drink look so light and refreshing, the type of food you can eat and not feel sick after! A great way of telling yourself that it can't be THAT bad for you...

17.) First date

Isn't it awkward when you ask someone out and they turn up to the date wearing the same outfit as you? Well, that looks like the sticky situation Popeye and his lady friend are in. They even ordered the same food! Maybe it's fate...

18.) "Is that a cat on my latte?"

Popeye does NOT look impressed that someone has drawn a cat on his latte, he has even turned his back to it! A red velvet latte and toast DOES sound delicious though...

19.) Jumping on the pumpkin hype train

Everyone becomes obsessed with pumpkin EVERYTHING in the Autumn-time, including Popeye! There's no point resisting it, the pumpkins WILL win eventually.

20.) Cosy night in

Popeye loves eating out but sometimes a takeaway and a good movie hit the spot just right. Especially when his takeaway is delicious as this!

I am 100% tracking down all of these LA eats as they look delicious, of course, Popeye isn't actually allowed to eat any of these because it wouldn't be good for him. If you want to find out more, check out his Instagram @popeyethefoodie. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!