Futuristic German Circus Uses Stunning Animal Holograms To Prevent Animal Cruelty


A prominent German circus has created a show which completely replaces any live animals with holographic projections in order to help promote ending the use of live animals in circus shows, while maintaining the majesty and spectacle that people wish to see, and it's stunning.

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The Circus Roncalli has been performing and touring around Europe since 1976 with a troupe of live animals and performers. 

However, now the circus has accepted the need to look to the future of the industry and has created a show which uses 3-D holograms instead of live animals and the public have been loving it!

The world has been slowly but surely moving towards a ban on live animals in performances such as these, and this shows a wonderfully promising step in the right direction for the industry in regards to tackling the problem of animal cruelty.

Between women being able to get implants in order to have a third breast (yes this happens) and holographic circuses, we really are living in the future! I can also tell you which one is a better use of technology... and it's not the freakin' nipple one!

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In an interview regarding the fantastic new show, the moderator and Austrian TV presenter Max Schautzer described the show as (translated from German - not by me though otherwise it'd be freakin' gibberish):

'The circus which leads us into a new age [...] unfortunately the "old" circus has gotten a bit dusty, but this is how the circus can remain alive'. 

The fact that the spectacle and tradition of the circus can continue to entertain children and adults alike without abusing animals is a fantastic thing!

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The move has also prompted an amazing reaction online, not only due to the fantastic visuals but mainly due to the message being sent against animal cruelty.

The footage has prompted such responses as:

'Well this is incredible 😭😍 @CircusRoncalli thank you so much for your compassion and ingenuity ♥️🐘🦁🎪' - Jessica Knapik

'Okay but to help stop the mistreatment of innocent animals. The circus in Germany is now using holograms ... something we should ALL get behind!👏🏼' - Madisyn Fiorenza

'Wait, wait, wait, holograms exist? And they’ve been around long enough to be affordable to a circus? What rock have I been living under?' - Rouge Cheeseburger 

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Now that we have holograms in circuses, I wonder how long until we all have hologram in our own homes... I mean I don't know what use I'd have for one but it'd be freakin' cool to have one, maybe one of Tom Cruise bopping about and saying lines from Jerry Maguire at me? I could get on board with that!

A spokesperson for Bluebox who are partnered with the company who designed the technology for the show, went into some more detail about how the show works (some of this may as well be in German just to warn you):

'We have been using Optoma projectors for 6 years and have consistently had a very positive experience in price, performance, and reliability. We needed a high contrast projector with great colors for the 3D effect and the ZU850’s 2,000,000:1 contrast is perfect for this project.'

... yeah... tech stuff! All I know is that the end result is astounding!

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Hopefully, with a big name circus (a phrase I never thought I'd say seriously) behind the move away from using live animals, other circuses will see the need to move past the barbaric practice of keeping live animals for performances!

Hopefully, this hologram circus comes to the US as I'd love to see it in person, wouldn't you? Let me know in the comments and be sure to tag friends and family to spread awareness of this fantastic move forward against animal cruelty! AAx