Gal Gadot Proves She Really Is Wonder Woman After Visit To Children's Hospital

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This weekend, Gal visited the Inova Children's Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia to lift this spirits of the hospital's young patients. But she didn't do it just as a Gal Gadot visit...she did it as Wonder Woman.

And it wasn't just the children that were pleased to see her...the staff were just as excited to meet the caped hero.

Dr Lucas Collazo works at the hospital and tweeted out a photo of Gal alongside a bunch of staff members, and hailed her as a 'true Wonder Woman.'

The hospital's official Twitter account also put praise on the actress for taking time out of her busy working schedule to visit the children.

Of course, it's 2018 so the post naturally went viral very quickly. Hundreds of fans gushed over the star's kind gesture.

Filming is currently underway for Gal's second outing as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. The film is called 'Wonder Woman 1984' and it is due out in November next year.

As well as Gal, Chris Pine will also star as Steve Trevor and Kristen Wiig will join the cast as Cheetah.

The 2017 film was a big hit with critics and fans, being one of the most successful in DC's franchise. It netted $821.8million when it was released.

It is now the highest grossing film with a female director and the 22nd highest grossing movie off all time in north America. 

That's incredibly impressive.

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