Girls Forced To Resort To Draping Blankets Over Stalls For Privacy When School Removes Cubicle Doors


In this ever-growing, ever-invasive, ever-nosey "Big Brother" world it seems to get harder and harder to find even a second of privacy, don't you think? I know that's how I feel. But if there's just one place on this planet that you can pretty much guarantee yourself a little bit of privacy it's in the bathroom right? Well, think again...

Not to mention, forgetting about the whole privacy issue, that fact that back in high school, the girls bathroom was basically a safe haven of sorts... at least, for me, it was, not too sure about you. I mean, it's where me and the gals congregated in between our classes in order to re-apply our lip gloss, gossip about that cute guy in homeroom who has no idea we exist, figure out whose turn it is to host the weekly 'GiRlZ rUlE bOyZ dRoOl' sleepover party and of course... go to the bathroom real quick before the next period rang in... ahhh, sweet, sweet memories.

remove the freakin' doors from its bathroom stalls. 

And nope, this wasn't the result of any forgivable renovation snafu... it has, in fact, happened in response to a message which was left on a stall door, which reportedly threated a school shooting.

“You have to understand when kids have a place to spend time, whether it’s a minute or five minutes sometimes things happen whether it’s good, bad or otherwise," Beardstown School District Superintendent Ron Gilbert told WICS/WRSP.

Talk about justice, right?

Students were understandably stunned and upset when they showed up to school and found that all the stall doors had been removed, and have now since resorted to more... creative measures for privacy.

Many have brought in blankets from home so that they may hang them at the entrance of the stalls in order to create makeshift curtains so that they will shield them while they use the toilet. They're also reportedly leaving their SHOES outside of the stall to clearly indicate when a stall is currently in use.

...has your head fallen clean off your shoulders yet or is that just me? Because this just sounds like absolute CHAOS.

Needless to say, many other students have also raised concerns about this drastic measure, and the school has allegedly made "allowances" for students to be able to access the private bathroom which is located inside the nurse's office whenever they deem necessary.

But... sheesh... can you just imagine the freakin' LINE that must form outside of that thing in between periods?


However, if you're sat there scratching your head over why in the WORLD they'd need to remove the bathroom doors of young girls toilet stalls... well folks I am right there with you.


So taking the bathroom doors off of a stall isn't exactly going to stop someone from making these threats or from defacing school property, is it? It may even spur them on to do it even freakin' more!



Then again in April 2018, Broadneck High School in Maryland also came under fire for removing the doors to some of the bathrooms in an effort to prevent smoking and vaping, which were becoming an increasing problem at the time.

Administrators at Beardstown Junior/Senior High School say they're open to hearing feedback from parents (and, oh boy,  I'm willing to bet they've got PLENTY heading their way).

"They probably should have consulted with legal counsel prior to doing this," said another user. "They will get eaten alive in court."

But if the feedback of people across social media is any indication, they should put those stall doors back on ASAP.

Others noted that the story feels like a lawsuit waiting to happen.... and er, yeah, I can definitely agree. In fact, I'm surprised a lawsuit hasn't already been flung onto the table!

Only time will tell us if that does happen, but for now, my heart sure does go out to the students (especially the girls) who attend Beardstown High. I know for sure that my former teenage self would NOT have been able to deal with that particular predicament... I'd probably just never ever go to the bathroom ever again!