Grease Is Getting The Prequel We're Not Sure Anybody Wants To See...


Love it or loathe it, Grease is the movie-musical that defined a generation.

So was Danny your dream boy? We wouldn't blame you... look at that smolder.

The reported plot of the prequel is based on the events of the song "Summer Lovin". Danny and Sandy meet and fall in love on a beach before the events of Grease begin... Remember? Y'know, it's all effectively and efficiently covered in that song lasting less than five minutes at the start of Grease? Wow, it's almost... almost like we already know the short, sweet story and it doesn't need to be spun out any further...

'Cos it's horribly sexist! 

Grease 2 

Sandy is devastated by what's been done to her once uber-successful cinematic universe. Poor baby.

Deadline reports that John August, scriptwriter of Disney's live-action Aladdin remake, will be scriptwriting Summer Lovin'. If the previous addition to the Grease franchise is anything to go off he'll have a hard time getting this baby to go like greased lightning, and will more likely end up with a car crash.

Grease is slicked with deeply problematic gender politics and a hefty amount of misogyny. Sure, you might say it's all just a song and a dance but it's still set to the pretty worrying tune of, "girls, change everything about yourselves to impres

These musicals, eh?! QUIRKY.

That's right Sandra Dee, smoke that cigarette! Danny is deffo worth the lung cancer!

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