20 Photos Of Great Danes That Show They're Just Big Friendly Giants


1.) Making friends

This big doggo could crush that tiny kitten just by sitting on it but this picture is a perfect example of just how gentle they are. Who knew that a giant like this could be best friends with a tiny, defenceless kitten?!

2.) Great Danes love selfies

This Great Dane owner taught his dog to take selfies with him! Whenever he extends his arm with his phone in hand, his Great Dane will run over, sit next to him and give the camera this sassy look. She's definitely a natural!

3.) It's nap time

This is such an adorable and comforting picture. A huge Great Dane is best friends with this tiny little girl, I really hope that this is a friendship to last a lifetime!

4.) Great Danes are incredibly graceful

Rumour has it that Great Danes are the most graceful dogs of them all. I mean, just look at this maneuver, it's the perfect example of class and grace.

5.) The real Scooby Doo

Okay, maybe he just has a tan-coloured Great Dane and has put shoe polish and a collar on it BUT this is still iconic.

6.) Catching up on life

These two love to have a little chit-chat about life and the weather over a cup of tea. It's a shame he can't pick up the teacup without causing complete destruction, though.

7.) Opposites attract...maybe

I never thought I would see a Great Dane scared of a tiny Chihuahua but that's just the way life is. Proving further that Great Dans are gentle giants!

8.) Fetch is a whole different ball game

Is that a REAL full-sized basketball? Surely not...or are they really that big. This scares me a little, I feel like my whole head could fit in his mouth! Thankfully, they are kind-hearted animals.

9.) Pippin and Kate: the greatest friendship ever

Pippin was a helpless baby fawn when she was abandoned by her mother. Kate the Great Dean immediately adopted her and now they are best friends. This definitely has melted my ice cold heart.

10.) Great Dane or pancake? You decide.

This Great Dane has had enough of being a dog and has decided to embrace becoming a pancake instead. I fully support her decision.

11.) 14-Week-Old Great Dane puppy

Wow, this puppy certainly doesn't skip gym day! All of that muscle has no idea where to go...I really want to see him run, I can imagine his limbs are all over the place and it's probably hilarious.

12.) This is slightly terrifying

Great Danes are gentle giants but they can look incredibly scary when they run at you full speed. Much like the above example...

13.) Great Dane makes this face every time he sees carrots

It's funny because I make this face every time I see chocolate cake, I wish I was just as enthusiastic about carrots as this Great Dane is. Maybe then I would be healthier...

14.) Great Dane family

This mom and her puppies are officially the cutest family ever. Look how tiny they are, just waiting to grow HUGE like their mom.

15.) His new best friend

This little boy convinced his parents to take him to the animal shelter to pick up a small dog. This is what they came home with...if that's a small dog to him, what's a big dog?! At least it was worth it for that smile.

16.) She will always be a lap dog

This Great Dane used to sit on laps as a puppy and she WILL continue, even when she is literally a giant. This just looks uncomfortable for everyone involved.

17.) Storytime with Nan

This Great Dane loves listening to Nan's storytimes and hearing about what it was like back in the good old days. So sweet to see the love between these two!

18.) The paw of a 4-month-old Great Dane

Yep, THIS is how big Great Danes get. Their paws are the same size as human hands at 4 MONTHS. What about when they are fully-grown?!

19.) The couch belongs to him

This Great Dane has claimed the couch as his own. Have guests over? Not moving. Want to watch a movie? No chance. Just let the king sleep.

20.) Best friends forever

The cutest duo ever known to man. I am very jealous of their friendship. Look how protective he is of his little cat friend! Just so cute.

I don't know about you but now I really, REALLY want a Great Dane. They are just so cute and lovable! What do you love about Great Danes? Let us know in the comments!