9 Girl Groups We All Listened To In The 80S

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2. Bangles

Oh how we LOVED these girls......need we remind you of walking like an Egyptian or dreamily singing to an eternal flame...

3. En Vogue

Formed towards the end of the 80s these girls gave us some of our first experiences of R&B....

4. Mel & Kim

Amazing - total Respect to these two! We can still remember the words to their biggest hit!

5. Pointer Sisters

Still on our play lists today.......there are just too many epic tunes from this great group to mention!

6. Salt & Pepa

One of the first all female rap groups.....sure everyone remembers Push It!

7. Shakespeares Sister

This pop/rock group was a bit off the wall but we will always remember the unforgettable Stay.

8. Sister Sledge

Four American sisters......creators of the memorable We Are Family which we still hear played often on the dancefloor!

9. Vixen

The only all girls American rock band from the 80s to go platinum - with super BIG hair!

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