'Halo' Brows Are The New Beauty Trend Very Few Are Brave Enough To Try


Angel Eyes And Halo Brows

Beauty trends never fail to stun, befuddle, amaze and straight-up confuse the internet. And this latest trend is absolutely no exception

Women (and a couple of men!) have been bravely adopting the new trend of 'halo brows', essentially, painting a circular mono-brow on their forehead. All in the name of an aggressively not-aesthetic beauty trend!  

(Image Credit: Instagram)

You have to admit, aside from this woman's looping eyebrows that I personally find to be... less than enjoyable to look at... her long lashes and big doe eyes are beautiful! 

No Angel 

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This chap doesn't look like much of an angel! He's got seriously devilish good looks, so the hairy halo looks even more out of place here!

Heavenly Glow

(Image Credit: Instagram)

This lady's halo is bathed in a suitably heavenly glow! 

I just don't see why beautiful people are ruining their perfectly applied makeup with a big old burst tire brow. Who could possibly think this looks good?! 

Fallen Angel

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Again! Another gorgeous gal has defaced her face with a lamentable loop of hair stamped on her forehead. 

Why do this to yourself?! I ask you?!?!

Bejeweled Brow

(Image Credit: Instagram)

I find this look slightly more defensible... Although I still wouldn't be trying it out myself I think this girl looks very pretty...

If you try your hardest to forget it's supposed to be one, semi-circled brow you can imagine these gems have been fashioned into some kind of pretty tiara. Which I think is preferable...

A Light And Dark Loop 

(Image Credit: Instagram)

This handsome fella has decided to exemplify his looping brow with a highlighter-yellow color. And honestly, who can blame him? If you're going to look this "out there" you may as well go the whole hog!

Triple Trouble

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These three images just overwhelm the sense really. It's a visual ravaging being confronted with that brow three times in one space! 

Complete The Look

(Image Credit: Instagram)

I've always said, a halo brow isn't complete without a bold lip and metallic eye shadow. 

I've always said it. 

This gal is well on her way to a strong look. 

Cherub Cheeks

(Image Credit: Instagram)

This halo brow has been accompanied by some cherub-like cheeks! This lady looks really freakin' pretty... if you cover the halo brow of course... I'm sorry, I just can't get on board with this one!

Dark Angel

(Image Credit: Instagram)

This young lady is looking pretty tough for someone with a 'halo' on! 

Don't be fooled by the hairy halo, this gal is not to be messed with! 

I Can See Your Halo

(Image Credit: Instagram)

Another stunning girl jumps on the haloed bandwagon! These ladies are lucky, they're so pretty not even this circle of hair could detract from their beauty...

If I tried it I'd quickly have a paper bag covering my mug. 

All That Glitters

(Image Credit: Instagram)

Another inventive take on an already 'inventive' trend! 

She's sparkling with fairy magic but she also looks kind of concerned by that fact! 

Brow Raisin'!

(Image Credit: Instagram)

These brows didn't quite get the 'halo' treatment, instead they're somewhat boxy...

A good effort, but really were your brows ever going to look nice in a massive 'O'?! 


(Image Credit: Instagram)

This lass is rocking her eyebrow bow! 

I guess if you're going to go for something this insane you've gotta be confident! 

... or at least act like it. 

Double Halo

(Image Credit: Instagram)

I'm running out of inventive ways to criticize this trend... it's like a squished basketball hoop, begging to be slam dunked into non-existence... 

Angel Kisses

(Image Credit: Instagram)

This angel is certainly feeling the halo brows look! 

I don't know if I'd feel quite so flirty sporting the uni-brow trend that should never have happened, but a girl has just gotta do what makes her happy... I guess.

No Halo Haters

(Image Credit: Instagram)

Another pretty girl stamps her head with a Cheerio shaped eyebrow. 

I just thank goodness camera's weren't around when I was a kid, it makes it easier to forget all of the similarly stupid things I did! Hopefully this lady will be able to look back and laugh!

A Perfect(ish) Circle

(Image Credit: Instagram)

Personal preference aside for a moment, I think this one has to be one of the best, most cleanly drawn 'halos'. Though 'clean lines' can hardly save this trend, it's still nice to see that extra bit of effort!

Halo? Goodbye.

(Image Credit: Instagram)

I'm just done with this look, let's just put it in the bin. With all respect to the ladies trying something new and who are very pretty, this trend needs to be banished to the seventh ring of hell from whence it came. 

It's All Come Full Circle

(Image Credit: Instagram)

If I looked like this maybe I would just sabotage myself and draw on a thick, line of hair on my face? It must get tiring being this beautiful, so why not? Sick of guys hitting on you? PAINT A 'HALO' ON YOUR FACE. 

Will you be trying out the 'halo' brow trend? I hope I didn't put you off! You've just gotta do you gal! Be sure to tell me what you thought in the comments below and tag the friends you think would rock this... er... "angelic" look! AAx