It's Harry & Meghan's 1st Wedding Anniversary! Here Are Their 5 Most Romantic Moments!


1. The big day itself

Happy first wedding anniversary Harry and Meghan! 

It doesn't feel like a whole year since we were treated to the second big-blow-out Royal wedding of the decade! So much has happened for these young lovers (and in such little time!) I'll be running down their top five most *romantic* moments to celebrate this joyous day!

(Image Credit: Instagram, sussexroyal)

This was the obvious choice for the number one spot! Harry and Meghan, emerging from under a canopy of flowers on one of the most special days of their life! 

They both look absolutely dashing and it brings a tear to my eye just to remember this day! They looked one another with such love!

If that's not the look of love, then I don't know what is! 

She looked like a graceful princess, he looked like prince charming, romantic moment? YESIREE! 

2. The big announcement! 

(Image Credit: Twitter, KensingtonRoyal)

Remember this announcement? We could have never known how precious little Archie would be! 

I love the picture the couple chose to commemorate this amazing news. Those grins are HUGE and the way Meghan uses both hands to cradle Harry's? LOVE, FOLKS. WE'RE WITNESSING TRUE LOVE. 

3. The little things...

(Image Credit: Instagram, kensingtonroyal)

Here we can see that Harry has (ever so gallantly!) loaned his wife his big, warm coat. Love isn't always about the big, grand gestures *cough* massive *cough* wedding *cough* sometimes it's just about giving your lover your extra layer to make sure they're cozy. 

Meghan looks at him with absolute adoration. They may be royal, but really? Beneath that? They're just a young couple walking in the woods. Romance with a capital, royal R! 

4. When Meghan met Daphne

(Image Credit: Instagram, daphne_dunne)

Daphne (who has sadly since passed away) was Harry's BIGGEST fan! She met him and Meghan (for the first ever time!) during their overseas tour!

Another big part of love, I've always thought, is sharing common interests and feeling passionate about what your partner is passionate about. Harry loved Daphne, and you can tell Meghan just adored her as well. 

Both of them have knelt right down and give her their full attention. 

"Love is not staring endlessly into one anothers eyes, it is staring in the same direction together"!

5. And then there were three!

(Image Credit: Instagram, sussexroyal)

The thing I loved most about this announcement? The way Harry carried little Archie and Meghan put her arm around Harry. I think most people would have expected them to take the opposite roles but I love that Meghan comforts Harry. 

These two are so supportive of one another, they're cherishing each other and guiding each other through parenthood. It is beautiful

Above all? Be with someone who can make you laugh! 

They're just collapsing into one another with love and laughter here!  

(Image Credit: Instagram, SussexRoyal)

The smiles say it all, they're 110% loved up to high-heaven! 

Who said the honey-moon was over?! 

Meghan included Diana's favorite flowers in her most recent Instagram post for Archie... 

She knows how much Harry misses her...

(Image Credit: Instagram, sussexroyal)

And whilst it's good to be loved, it is profound to be understood, and Meghan really does "get" our favorite red-headed prince. 

What more could you want? They're the perfect pair!

Here's to many, many more years of wedded bliss! Congratulations Harry and Meghan, from all of us here at Aunty Acid! 

Can you believe it's been just a year since Harry and Meghan tied the knot? What are your favorite romantic moments so far? And what advice what you give them for a happily married life? Let me know in the comments and be sure to tag your friends who are old fashioned romantics at heart! AAx