Joe Rogan’s channel disappeared from Spotify this weekend, alarming followers of the podcasting provocateur and leading many to speculate that his relationship with the streaming platform may not be as secure as previously thought.

All episodes of podcast The Joe Rogan Experience vanished from Spotify on Friday, which quickly prompted a 5% drop in the value of shares in the company. Spotify claimed this was down to a technical issue, and that the podcast would soon be back.

This explanation has not convinced fans of the controversial podcaster (who, let’s face it, tend to be on the lookout for any whiff of a possible conspiracy), with many declaring on social media that Rogan’s disappearance from Spotify is censorship.

This comes after the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featured guest Maajid Nawaz, a British activist and until recently a host on polemical radio station LBC.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the discussion with Nawaz went into that very same area which has made Rogan such a polarizing figure, Covid-19, and the voicing of ideas on the subject which go against that which governments and medical professionals have to say.

Rogan has irked many by frequently providing a platform for individuals promoting unproven theories about both the virus and its vaccines, as well as the host himself expressing baseless and potentially dangerous notions on the subject.

Credit: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images