Heartbreaking Scenes As Orangutan Attempts To Fight Off Digger From Destroying Its Natural Habitat


(Image Credit: LadBible)

David Attenborough is famed for his award-winning documentaries on the natural world. His latest release includes heartbreaking footage of an Orangutan attempting to stop a digger from destroying its habitat.

Orangutans are under extreme threat from the palm oil industry. The industry destroys huge areas of the Orangutans natural habitat in order to make room for the palms to be planted. Palm oil is found in a broad range of everyday household products from soap to biscuits it can be difficult to avoid, but the industry is responsible for the horrific destruction of forests in South East Asia where the Orangutans live.

(Image Credit: BBC)

We share 97% of our DNA with Orangutans. They are highly intelligent, emotional creatures, capable of feeling and forming relationships. They are starving and dying because of the destruction of their habitats.

It is easy to imagine these animals have little to no comprehension of the threat the palm oil industry poses to them, but this recent footage shows that they very much understand how these machines will destroy their homes and endanger their lives.

(Image Credit: LadBible ) 

In the footage released by the BBC, an Orangutan approaches a digger that is tearing down the trees the Orangutans inhabit. The Orangutan proceeds to swing at the digger, vainly attempting to stop it from destroying the forest.

Clearly, the animals are aware of how much pain and suffering these cruel machines impose.



(Image Credit: BBC)

Climate Change: The Facts 

Here we can see a mother Orangutan starving because her habitat has been destroyed for palm oil. It is heartbreaking to see these beautiful creatures reduced to skin and bone because of man's appalling greed.

Which is great news! It must make documentary makers like Attenborough so hopeful when people commit to a change as a result of their film-making and reporting! Although a few people making promises on Twitter won't solve the problem completely, every little helps!

Small changes from each of us can have a huge, collective difference!

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It's up to you! Help the Orangutans!

Watch the full footage here, LADbible.

Are these images enough to make you avoid buying palm oil products? I hope so! Please remember to shop as wisely as you can and share your thoughts on this subject in the comments below! AAx