Heartless Florida Attorney Forces Stowaway Racoon Off His Boat To Drown


Sometimes it seems there's just no end to some people's cruelty. And every day we're faced with more and more stories of idiots who think it's okay to treat defenseless animals in needlessly nasty ways. I don't know if it makes me more sad than freakin' angry... 

... but I'm feeling both in equal measure for this recent event... 

(Image Credit: Facebook, Jeff Wenzel)

This little guy was unfortunate enough to have stowed himself away in Thomas Cope's boat. Cope is an attorney in Florida and filmed the entire incident, later posting the video to Facebook. 

You think as an attorney he'd be more aware of incriminating evidence, jeez...

Clearly, Cope had no remorse and saw no issue with his actions when he took to social media to share the incident. 

(Image Credit: Cope, Zebrow & Crawford)

Cope videos the Raccoon scrambling at the edge of the boat, searching for a way to escape but clearly petrified to risk the water.

Although Raccoon's can swim the boat on which it was on was twenty miles out to sea.

As the confused creature attempted to put distance between itself and Cope, a man's voice began to taunt and "shoo" it.

(Image Credit: Facebook, Jeff Wenzel)

The raccoon is clearly distressed as the male behind the camera yells profanities at him. 

The voice says,

"Get off my f*cking boat!" 

Listen, pal, if you don't think animals are intelligent enough to deserve respect then they're obviously not clever enough to understand your swear-riddled instructions!

Instead of capturing the animal in a container and taking it safely back to shore, those on the boat seem determined to have it gone (no matter the cost). 

(Image Credit: Facebook, Jeff Wenzel)

When the little creature eventually falls into the water those on the boat are less than sympathetic, shouting, 

"So long sucker!" 

The Raccoon begins to tread water, looking about in desperation.

50 miles out to sea it's extremely unlikely that the animal has been able to survive by making it back to dry land. 

It's just so upsetting to me that this blameless animal suffered in confusion as it was abandoned by those who could help! 

(Image Credit: Facebook, Jeff Wenzel)

Cope later issued a statement, he apologized for his actions, wishing he could have saved the animal but claiming that it had been 'running around the boat hissing and growling.' 

To an extent, you could understand some level of panic or even dislike toward the Raccoon. They weren't expecting the creature to be there and were probably aware of the bad press Raccoon's receive for their aggressive behavior. So, sure, it might have been a little frightening or irritating. 

But even if you don't wish for an animal to be around you there are other ways to manage the situation. Leaving it to drown in the ocean is hardly a humane alternative. 

(Image Credit: Facebook, Jeff Wenzel)

Also, though Cope claims the Raccoon was hissing and growling, there's no evidence on the video that it showed any sign of aggression. It really does seem to be the other way around!

See what you think of the footage here

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are investigating the case and in their statement claimed that; 

'these vile acts of animal cruelty' are intolerable. 

(Image Credit: Florida Fish And Wildlife)

I totally agree! But still, opinion has somehow been split. Some argue that Cope's defense makes the act admissable; 

'The animal was running around the boat hissing and growling, making it impossible for me or my friend to drive the boat. Knowing raccoons can be rabid and unpredictable, the only realistic option we could think of in the moment was to get the raccoon off the boat."

But I'm seriously skeptical...

Others were convinced of the attorney's guilt and saw his actions as unnecessarily cruel.

(Image Credit: GIPHY)

There is now the potential that Cope could face charges of animal cruelty.

Do you think Cope should be accused of criminal action? Or do you think he acted unthinkingly in a moment of panic? Let me know in the comments! AAx