Here Are 20 Hilarious Lies That Parents Have Told Their Kids

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1. Maybe a little extreme.

2. It just says it Cola.

3. Genius.

4. I could see his dad's point.

5. Christmas redneck style.

6. Makes sense.

7. I bet you grew up with anxiety problems.

8. I may be stealing this one.

9. And this one.

10. Rather clever.

11. This is horrible!

12. Nasty.

13. I might try this on some of my coworkers.

14. This would be a cool lie to believe.

15. This honestly could be the truth.

16. I think my parents told me this one a time or two.

17. How embarrassing.

18. Ha! The things parents come up with.


20. This kid was probably horrified.

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