Here Are 20 Things You Should DEFINITELY Know Before Buying A House

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& More importantly, why didn't they teach us this in school!? No, it's okay, because we know everything about Pythagorean theorem so we're good, right? WRONG.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some kind of wonderful checklist of things that you DEFINITELY should know before buying your new home? You know, just to relieve the stress!?

Well, that's where we come in! Because, as always, we're kind and wonderful, we're bringing you a comprehensive list of 20 things people wish they'd known before jumping onto the property ladder (and promptly falling back off it!)

Take heed, potential house buyers, take serious heed!

1. Furnishing a house can get really expensive.

"Close the doors to the rooms you don't use, get stuff used and in phases. You don't need to fill every room upon move in. Vintage furniture is often of a MUCH higher quality than new."

Well, that's certainly good advice! Whenever I think about buying my own home, I always imagine kitting every room out with loads of awesome furniture, I guess I better take a rain check on that thought!

2. Plus there are all these random things you forget that you'll need to buy.

"Bills and mortgage are known and predictable, but then there's broken boilers, washing machines, fridges, paint, random tools and all sorts of other stuff that just adds up really quickly."

Yikes! It's so easy to get lofty ideals and high standards when fantasising about your new place...and then when it happens, you realise you need to be a millionaire for all that to be a reality! & It now costs £1,000 for just for some 'duck egg' paint. Scary stuff!

3. It's a good idea to have an emergency fund.

"Sure, insurance can occasionally help, but it's not something you can count on except for in catastrophic circumstances." 

So, moving or buying your own, new home is just all about money, then, yeah? I think I can already hear my wallet crying...

4. Get a plumber to inspect the sewers before buying.

"They can stick a camera in there to make sure everything is tip-top."

Really? I didn't know that! However, is it just me who'd be worried about something horrid turning up on the camera footage!? I knew watching "IT" wasn't a good idea!

5. If you have a backyard, see if it slopes away from the house for water drainage reasons.

"If water wants to go somewhere, like into your basement, or eroding your foundation, it is so shockingly hard to get it to do anything else. You can fix the problem and it's going to happen again and again because the water wants to go there."

Wow, that's not something you'd even think about until the problem has already started, really, is it? Well, I wouldn't think of it, anyway. Suggestion definitely noted!

6. Flush the toilet and run the shower when you're inspecting, to ensure everything actually works.

"If you can, go to the floor below and listen for any water leaking."

Again, it's just not something you'd think about doing when you're being bamboozled by the estate agent and distracted by the fancy windows! So, always think of your toilets, kids! It's a pretty important feature when you think about it!

7. Don't hire a property inspector who is recommended by or connected to your real estate agency.

"Go with someone independent that will be honest about all the problems. Attend the property inspection and physically view everything the inspector brings up as an issue."

That's very true, don't go with someone who is in cahoots with someone else, as it is always mostly just going to be about getting the sale and not being honest with you. Clever thinking!

8. If you're right next to or opposite a field or empty lot, chances are there'll be a whole lot of construction soon.


That's a thought, especially in this day and age, there can never be any kind of empty land or space for too long, can there!? #progressmyar*e

9. If you're buying in a building, read the body corporate meeting minutes from the past few years to make sure there aren't any big repairs coming soon that'll hike up your fees.

– My dad

That is canny thinking, Dad! Very savvy! Well done, sir!

10. Before moving in, find out how to turn off the gas, electricity and water.


This is very true actually, my friend has lived in his new place for two years and still isn't fully sure how the heating works. He said someone showed him when he was moving in, but he wasn't paying attention! #servesyourightbud

11. Find out all the fees and taxes that you'll be paying so you can budget ongoing costs before buying.


Budgeting is key, my friends! It's saved me from the financial gutter many times and not just on housing matters, if you can plan ahead with your money, then you're halfway to winning at life, my friend! #adulting

12. Think about the location and how long you'll be living there.

"One of the reasons we bought our first home was because it was close to work. But it was a long drive to the other jobs I had later."

I thought house buying was always about 'Location, Location, Location'? As long as it's the right place for you at that time, the future can't be accounted for too much, if at all. Just go with your gut!

13. Banks will usually lend you more than you can actually afford.

"Calculate your monthly repayments and make sure it's a payment you can realistically make every month for the next 20+ years. "The thought of having a nice $250k house sounds nice, but you have to think realistically. What fun is it to have all your mone

Very wise words, the Banks don't care about you, unsurprisingly, all the Banks' care about is getting their money back, whether you have it to give them or not!

14. Ask the seller if they'll leave you any of the appliances like fridge, washer and dryer.

"It never hurts to ask."

It certainly doesn't! As they say, if you don't ask, then you don't get! #goforit

15. Find out if every floor of the house has insulation, or your heating bills will skyrocket when winter comes.

– Devonai

& If you don't check first, it just means that you'll have to choose between eating or keeping warm. Sounds wonderful.

16. Check out the street and neighbourhood for yourself.

"Spend some time hanging out in the neighbourhood to see what traffic, neighbours and noise is like."

For me personally, this would be the most important thing. You don't want to end up trapped in a horrible neighbourhood!

17. Make sure that your offer specifies that the house is ready to move in.

"We were relocating to a new city hundreds of miles away and didn’t get to do a final walk-through until the day before closing. The previous owners had left all kinds of junk behind that we had to deal with. (Not to mention the place was filthy).

What a horrible position to end up in! Always be prepared, folks! #alwaysgetanswers

18. Check all the power outlets.

"Once I moved into an apartment where all the outlets only ran along one side of the house, which was incredibly inconvenient. Also, make sure that there are outlets in the bathroom and enough in the kitchen."

Or, more importantly, make sure that there is a power outlet in the bedroom, located in a spot where you can put your bed! We all need a phone charger outlet next to the bed these days, don't we!? #priorites

19. Don't be afraid to back out of the sale at ANY POINT.


20. Think about the resale value

"You’re just buying your home. Why would you need to think about selling it already? But as it turns out, whether or not your house will hold its appeal is something you should consider before you even place an offer. Not only should you love your

It seems a little much on the forward-thinking approach, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense! You never know what the future holds and if you do decide to up sticks and leave one day, then you're gonna need to know how easy (or not!) it's going to be to sell on!





















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