Not on top of your TikTok trends? Whether you’re a user or creator, you’re missing out.

TikTok trends are a collection of short videos that are grouped using popular hashtags, songs, or sound effects. Trends come and go fast, with new ones emerging every day, and it is part of the reason why TikTok is one of the most creative and entertaining social media platforms at the minute.

Social media users are hungry for authenticity and human connection. To stand out by standing in, jump on a trend to get more views and engagement. Trends are the easiest way for your brand to fit in within a conversation. It’s an amazing tool to grow your audience and increase engagement. Trends offer a perfect opportunity for you to see how your competitors, audience, and industry influencers are interacting with the platform. Keeping up to date with this can only be a good thing.

Top trends originate from a variety of features on the app. One of the easiest ways to identify TikTok trends is to browse the ‘Discover’ tab. There are also some popular hashtags such as the #trendalert that you can follow to identify emerging trends. You should also pay attention to your For You page. If you clock a particular sound on every TikTok video, use it yourself and join the fun. Here are ten current trends doing the rounds on the app…

Cherry BonBon

The tasty sweet? Not quite. This Cherry BonBon is a piece of music for a trend focused on celebrating the different personalities of those close to you. A typical TikTok following this trend will start with a simple cartoon picture of two figures, one of whom is happy, one of whom is irritated or bored. The TikTok will then cut to real life footage of that user’s friends matching the personality types.

It can also cut to fictional people. One clip, for example, shows two cartoons with “talks a lot” and “listens” above their heads before cutting to two beloved anime characters. The sound for the trend currently features on 300,000 videos.

Hopeful for Today

In this trend, TikTokers make fun of the character updates that typically occur at the end of movies. These videos are marked by creators freezing while in mid-motion and adding on-screen text to update the viewer on their life after the video. These videos usually share comical/twist updates performed to the optimistic and inspiring tune “Hope” by Twista featuring Faith Evans. There are over 210,000 videos linked to the audio on the app.

While the trend has been growing in popularity this summer, it origins date back to late 2020 and early 2021 when various black TikTokers parodied the end of movies featuring black characters.

What I mean when I say I’m from…

In this trend, creators show pictures from where they grew up/currently live. It’s a humours way for people to introduce or provide further information about their country or city’s best features, food spots, culture etc. This trend is one the less cynical ones currently doing the rounds.

For businesses vouching for some exposure on the app, this trend is a godsend. You could for example, use this trend to show where your business is from or where your products are sourced. The first part of the video would be a photo or video of your product with the text caption ‘What I mean when I say I’m from…’ and the name of the place. This will be followed by hi-resolution and flattering images of the place the raw material is from. So if you’re a coffee shop, show your audience the coffee fields.

Wow, Crazy Girl

This sound originally comes from Maggie Stetson watching another girl dip her burrito in cheese, a video that has over 40 million views. Now the sound has been converted into a stand-alone sound that people are using all over TikTok. It seems to be a favourite among mums demonstrating how conversation with toddlers can go.

So don’t wait to jump on this trend of you’ve got a young child who asks you a billion questions a day, hardly any of which make sense.

Laptop Presentation

To hop on this trend, pull out your laptop as if you’re going to start a new presentation about something you love, such as your city or a place you’re visiting. From there, do a few theatrical taps and show your audience a bunch of quick-fire pictures of your favourite person, place or thing. Similarly, brands can use this to show product images in snappy montages.

This trend adds a refreshing new angle to conventional presentations. Make sure to sync everything to the beat of the music.

Night Changes

Have you evolved as a person? Say you started your twenties as a hellraising, boozehound hellbent on creating as much chaos as humanly possible. These days, in your late twenties, your hellraising has been compromised by a sorer body, less available friends, perhaps a newfound anxiety and desire to see a peaceful world where everyone gets by without beef and binge drinking. You’re gonna want to document that change on TikTok, aren’t you?

Night Changes is the trend for you. This started after a user posted a video of One Direction performing the song in concert. The audio, with its sombre, nostalgic vibe, has inspired TikTokers to show how their times have changed, over 310,000 times apparently. This can be wistful or euphoric.

Hot New Bombshell

ICYMI, there’s a reality show called Love Island, where young singletons volunteer to live in an isolated villa hoping to find a special connection. At first, couples are established, bonds are made. But then in walks a “Bombshell”, a new contestant designed to test these couples if not wreak complete havoc, and the whole table is turned.

Well, TikTokers are appropriating the concept of the Love Island Bombshell in order to plug something new to their followers such as a new product, an announcement about their brand or business, or even just a new haircut. This trend has racked up 5 million views.

I’m Sat

In the “I’m Sat” trend, users are showcasing their love for their favourite celebrity by suggesting that even if they were in an argument, if their beloved celeb told them to calm down, they easily would.

The sound originates from a Love Island UK conversation between Chris Hughes and Olivia Atwood where Chris tells Olivia to sit back down despite her already being in a seated position. Creators have now adopted the soundbite to reveal their love for a celebrity or character.

For instance, user @__tengens4thwife chose to use the trending sound to simp over a character from Avatar, while creator @itsari.aleise used the audio to profess her undying love for Michael B. Jordan.

Creators are also using the trend to gush over other popular celebrities like Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Doja Cat, Harry Styles, Chris Evans, and Jack Harlow. Alternatively, some creators like @__tengens4thwife use the trend to simp over nonexistent cartoon or television characters, like Anthony Bridgerton from the hit period drama television series Bridgerton or Li Shang from Mulan. The views for this trend comes to 73.2 million views.


Poor Katey Lorrell was just trying to film a harmless Outfit of the Day video when she accidentally backed into the side of her bed, knocking her hip, causing her to groan a subtle but hilarious “ahhhh” sound. Naturally, the sound has taken over TikTok with over 30 million views and over 80,000 videos dueting or using her sound. It goes to show you that even a bumpy mistake can catapult you forward on TikTok.

Katy said of her viral fame: “I had so many notifications. It was crazy. It has been absolutely crazy. I had no idea it was going to blow up this big, but I’ve enjoyed all the duets. They’ve been phenomenal. I’m just taking it where it goes. It’s very overwhelming, but it’s actually cool though. I enjoy it. They’re all wanting another video… I’m trying to soak my 15 minutes in before I post again. I have a new golf skirt in, and I want to show it without harming myself!”

You Are Enough

The TikTok community can be chaotic, sassy and stupid. They can also be a cheesy bunch when they feel like it. Droves of users and creators alike eat out of the palm of wholesome, genuine content. The You Are Enough trend illustrates this perfectly.

Set to Sleeping At Last’s song “You Are Enough,” creators depict a story by sharing vulnerable statements made by their loved before syncing old pictures and videos with the song’s lyrics. The end result is a heart-on-the-sleeve, touching video showing users how people are loved for being themselves. From parents, to aunties, and siblings, this trend shines a spotlight on the important people in our lives and encourages us to give them their flowers while they’re still here. Why not try it? This trend has been viewed 811 million times.