Did you know that Grange Hill ran for 30 years before it was stopped in 2008. In that time, the kids at Grange Hill got into all sorts of trouble and adventures. They taught kids of the 70s how to throw benches into school swimming pools and taught 80s kids to ‘Just Say No’.

Here are some of the most famous cast members then and now. Some big changes.

1. Samual ‘Zammo’ McGuire


Played by Lee MacGuire who after Grange Hill set out to be a pro boxer. Unfortunately a car accident meant he could no longer box so he opened up a locksmith company.


2. Christopher ‘Stupot’ Stewart


Real name Mark Burdiss did a few TV ads and now works as a Boxing MC.


3. Roland ‘Roly’ Browning


Real name Erkan Mustafa now works doing interviews for a movie review website.


4. Caroline “Calley” Donnington


Real name Simone Hyams appeared in a Michael Winner film called ‘Dirty Weekend’ before turning her hand to events management working for Virgin.


5. Robert “Robbie” Wright


Real name John Alford went on to star in London’s Burning before being involved in a drugs scandal which landed him in prison. He then tried his hand at being a roofer, ­scaffolder and minicab driver. Last year he had a part in a football comedy called What’s The Score?


6. Peter “Tucker” Jenkins


Real name Todd Carty is probably the most recognisable face after his years acting in Eastenders. He also dabbled in panto, Dancing on Ice, The Bill, Masterchef


7. Suzanne Ross

Real name Susanne Ross starred as Michelle Fowler in EastEnders. She now works as a director for shows including Secret Diaries of a Call Girl, Larkrise to Candleford, and Getting On.


8. Julie Marchant


Real name Lisa York moved to Australia after appearing in Grange Hill. She currently works in the city.

9. Terence “Tegs” Ratcliff


Real name Sean Maguire appeared in the movie Meet The Spartans before being cast as Robin Hood on US TV show Once Upon a Time.


10. Fay Lucas


Real name Alison Bettles trained as a beauty therapist after Grange Hill. She then set up a recruitment firm in 2005.


11. Tracy Edwards


Real name Amanda Mealing has appeared on both Holby City and Casualty. She also acted in Four Weddings And A Funeral.


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And just as a final treat. Here is the anti drugs video the cast released back in 1986. Just Say No.