Here's 20 Of The Internet's Most Popular 'Unpopular Opinions': Do You Agree With Them?

Here’s 20 Of The Internet’s Most Popular ‘Unpopular Opinions’: Do You Agree With Them?

Here’s 20 Of The Internet’s Most Popular ‘Unpopular Opinions’: Do You Agree With Them?

Let’s face it, an opinion is just that, it’s an opinion and it’s usually just someone’s personal preference, which they are entitled to and as long as it’s not harming anyone or causing anyone distress, then I’m pretty sure that we’re entitled to have our own thoughts and opinions as individual human beings…right!?

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Well, thanks to the internet, we can to some degree, just as long as it’s the SAME opinion as the majority! Yes, in this day and age, it’s best not to rock the boat and not think too differently from the crowd for fear of ‘offending’ anyone!

Well, as I free thinker and self-confessed ‘unpopular opinion’ generator, I say fluffballs to that! I pride myself on having my own thoughts and feelings and I’m rarely swayed by others, in fact, if everyone else loves it, I usually hate it and vice versa…but deep down I love that about myself and so should you!

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So, that’s why I’m bringing you 20 of the internet’s most popular ‘unpopular’ opinions because it’s always nice to realise that an opinion you had, that you actually thought was ‘different’ from everyone else’s, is actually shared by more people than you’d think!

Who many do YOU agree with!?

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1. You actually really love Kim and the rest of the Kardashian Klan.

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Yep, it certainly seems the in thing to be totally over it where the Kardashian Klan are concerned, nobody really wants to admit that they secretly have a fondness for Kim and her family.
But some people do…and it may be an unpopular opinion, but think about it, they’re globally famous and have fans all over, plus a string of makeup and fashion lines, not to mention TV shows! So, it can’t be THAT unpopular, some people out there MUST love them!

2. You think Friends might possibly be the worst show to have ever existed.

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YES, YES, YES and all the yes! I agree with one, I’m afraid! I have never liked it and believe me, I did try a for while to get fond of it because I thought it was just me…everyone else seemed so, so taken with it, I thought I must be dumb or something and then I realised that no, it’s actually the Friends fans that are dumb… (I kid, I kid, don’t shoot me!) I just don’t like it.

3. You think Beyoncé is HIGHLY overrated and you’ve never understood the fuss about her.

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Yep! Another one I agree with, I’m afraid! Don’t get me wrong, she’s talented obviously, but she’s also REALLY overhyped! There are loads of artists and singers that are just as talented as her, if not more but don’t get the same HUGE amount of attention.

4. You think Harry Styles is the least attractive member of One Direction.

For all the people who would marry him in a heartbeat, it seems that there are quite a few people out there who aren’t a fan of Harry’s face! I personally think that he looks like the kid at school who always looked sad, pale and sick, but that’s just my opinion!

5. You never understood the fandom and obsession behind the Harry Potter series.

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Oh my word, these are all ME! You can imagine how much my friends love me, can’t you!? I hate everything they’ve ever loved! Yeah, sorry guys, I agree with this one too. Harry Potter just isn’t my dig! Do you agree!?

6. You think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the word “moist.”

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Well, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of it, but there are worse words, like gouge or bludgeon!
Is there anyone who actually is a fan of this word, though?

7. You think Comic Sans is a perfectly fine font that doesn’t deserve its negative reputation.

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I used to love Comic Sans when I was younger and then when I realised that people hated it, I stopped using it…I’m sorry for going with the crowd Comic Sans, I’ll try not to betray you again! You’re not that bad!

8. You think cats are full of themselves and ruin the internet.

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If you agree with this, then you are not my friend…the noise I let out when I read this didn’t even sound human! How could anyone with a heart think that about cats!? They RULE the internet! Leave them alone!

9. You really like Gwyneth Paltrow and you don’t understand why others don’t.

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I’m indifference to Ms Paltrow, to be honest, I’ve not seen enough of her movies nor do I know enough about her to have an opinion on her. What do you guys think of GP!? Let us know!

10. You think pizza is just “blah.”

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Don’t get me wrong, I like Pizza, but I can see why it wouldn’t be someone’s cup of tea (or slice of pizza!) It’s delicious, but it’s also greasy, unhealthy and is the patron saint of heartburn. It should be delivered with a side of Gaviscon.

11. You think Christina Aguilera was the greater ’00s pop star over Britney.

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Again, I’m a little indifferent to this, to be honest. But if I had to make a choice, then I probably would go for Xtina! She does have an amazing voice!

12. You think Christmas absolutely sucks and you dread it every damn year.

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This may seem harsh and at first, I thought, ‘nope, surely not!?’ But somewhere deep in my cold, dead, black heart…I actually kind of agree with this. It’s just stressful.

13. You think Taylor Swift’s 1989 is completely overrated and intolerable.

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I’ve never listened to it, so can’t logically nor morally form an opinion, but I’ve heard some of her songs…and yeah, I’m not impressed. Do you love Taylor!?

14. Frozen is your least favourite Disney film.

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Well, it wasn’t, but it certainly is now! Thanks to all the major overkill! It’s a shame really because it’s actually a really lovely film, but people just took it waaaay too far! As people do.

15. You think beards on men aren’t attractive in the slightest.

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I’m sorry, but beards or any excessive facial hair on men is just the work of satan!

16. You think those super soft Lofthouse cookies with a shit ton of frosting are actually really disgusting.

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I don’t know, I guess they’re perfect if you want to give yourself diabetes!?

17. You don’t think Ryan Gosling is the cutest/sexiest/most handsome thing to have ever happened to this world.

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I mean, he’s handsome, don’t get me wrong! But I have my own ideas on what the cutest/sexiest/most handsome man to have ever happened to the world is…and it’s not him.

18. You thought Serial was a terribly boring podcast and you couldn’t get yourself to listen to it.

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I don’t do Podcasts, which is probably an unpopular opinion in itself, but I’d love to know other people’s thoughts on this! Let us know!

19. You think Anne Hathaway really isn’t that bad.

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She’s ok, I guess, I liked her Les’ Miserables. What about you guys!? Are you a yay or nay on the Hay!? (Sorry!)

20. You think emojis are obnoxious and you refuse to use them.

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No, I’m actually one of those obnoxious people who overuse them! But it’s just a habit and I have to say, from personal experience, your opinions/jokes will usually go down better with people if you don’t use them. *winky face* 😉

So, how many of these unpopular opinions did you agree with!? Please let us know in the comments as we’d have to know how popular some of them actually are!

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