20 Ridiculously Funny & Totally Adorable Snapchats Of People's Dogs To Instantly Brighten Up Your Day


If you know me at all (and by this point I should certainly hope that you do!) you'll know there is one thing I love above everything else (and no, surprisingly it's not moaning about the Kartrashian's, although I do very much enjoy that one!) Nope - it is, of course, the wonderful world of dogs!


And who can freakin' blame us!?

Not to mention, the world news these days is just SO darn depressing, wouldn't you agree? A majority of the world's population is overworked and underpaid, so the least we can do is take a few minutes out of seemingly never-ending work days to take a look at something that makes us smile, right? RIGHT.


Enjoy! And of course, you're welcome.

1. Be Sure To Correctly Follow The Instructions!

I really want to know what was going through this hilarious doggos' head when he was folding himself into this position... I mean... there's no WAY this can possibly be comfortable, right!?

2. Stay Strong, We're In This Together!

It's not often that dogs are aware they're actually being taken to the vet... usually, it's the other way around and they have to be tricked into it. These poor pups are so convinced that they're heading to that "dreaded place" however that they're actually consoling each other! So sweet, and kinda sad.

3. Hey Buddy, You Sharing Any Of That Or...

There's no such thing as dining in peace when you have a dog, never again will you have a meal alone... which has both its advantages... and its disadvantages. It'd be a lot easier if they weren't so darn cute!


When it comes down to playing fetch... this dog does NOT mess around. Who could ever turn down a face like that!?

5. I Am Totally Diggin' It

One of my favorite types of dog pictures is when dogs are dressed up as people... just like this 10/10 good boy who is ready to help his master dig up some bones Or, y'know, whatever humans dig up from their garden.

6. Giddy-Up, Horsey!

And here is something you definitely do not see every day (although I definitely wish I did!) A bird riding a doggo... and more importantly, looking incredibly happy about it!

7. Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring... Banana Phone!

We’re not sure who’s on the other end of that banana, but it looks like a very important, private call.

8. One Patient Boy

Okay, so this is possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. This is just one of the millions of reasons why dogs are better than humans...  dogs love treats more than anything in the world, but they're still willing to wait patiently for them!

9. Talk About A Sea-Dog!

This little guy seems perfectly happy to play the part of a seal on the loose. We’re guessing that shirt in nice and warm… and full of dog hair.

10. Snowloaf

Hello, yes, I would like to order 250 Snow Loafs immediately, please and thank you.

11. It Really Isn't Easy Being Green

Is it wrong that I actually think this little fella is even MORE adorable with bright green fur!? Even the Grinch would be jealous of this pupper!

12. I Feel You, Dawg

I wish you guys could see me looking at this dog the same way this dog is looking at that pizza... but I feel this image of a deep, spiritual level. It's like dog/pizza lover inception!

13. Tinder Hound

I can't believe after all my years of practice, this dog still manages to take a better picture than me. I ain't mad though... who could be mad at a face like that!?

14. Who Needs A Body When You're This Cute?

A big head, a little body, and the right camera angle give the impression that this is just one big face floating around asking for treats.

15. Cone Of Shame

Oh, the cone of shame! As if it weren’t already humiliating enough, this one seems to be on the small side... but he isn't letting that get him down, heck no... just look at that gleeful little smile!

16. Honey, I'm Home!

Look, we've all been there, we get the crazy idea into our heads that we want a little freedom in our lives so we go out lookin'... only to realize that, hey, we had it pretty good back home, and the outside world is FREAKIN' scary.

17. You're Busted, Buddy

Let's not jump to conclusions now... maybe he just needed to borrow some extra dollar to buy you a gift because he loves you so much!? How dare you even think the worst.

18. Peek-A-Boo

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, if I spotted this while walking down the street, whoever is coming around that corner next would catch me climbing right under that fence to be with that adorably good boy.

19. The Ultimate Look Of Betrayal

I have never seen a more heartbreaking look of betrayal. But that probably is the hardest thing about owning a pet... wanting to give them everything they desire and more... but knowing that if you did they would be massively unhealthy.

20. Aye Aye Capt'n!

This is potentially the most majestic looking animal I have ever seen... can you imagine if we got this doggo together with the Tinder picture doggo? They'd probably make the best looking litter in the whole of the doggo universe!

Do you have a pet you can't stop Snapchatting!? Or a folder on your phone filled with adorable animal pictures? If so then feel free to share them with each other in the comments! And don't forget to help spread the joy by sharing this with your friends and family too! AAx