20 Ridiculously Funny & Totally Adorable Snapchats Of People's Dogs To Instantly Brighten Up Your Day

20 Ridiculously Funny & Totally Adorable Snapchats Of People’s Dogs To Instantly Brighten Up Your Day

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    If you know me at all (and by this point I should certainly hope that you do!) you’ll know there is one thing I love above everything else (and no, surprisingly it’s not  moaning about the Kartrashian’s, although I do very much enjoy that one!) Nope – it is, of course, the wonderful world of dogs!

    Let’s face it – nothing can brighten up your day quite like seeing an absolutely ADORABLE animal photo. From puppy shaming to hilarious cat reaction videos and famous online pets such as Grumpy Cat or lil’ Boo, it is super clear that it isn’t just me who loves a funny, furry face… the whole world loves them too!

    And who can freakin’ blame us!?

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    Not to mention, the world news these days is just SO darn depressing, wouldn’t you agree? A majority of the world’s population is overworked and underpaid, so the least we can do is take a few minutes out of seemingly never-ending work days to take a look at something that makes us smile, right? RIGHT.

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    And that is exactly why I have curated some of the greatest dog Snapchats the big wide world of the internet has to offer us (and as we all know, what it has to offer us is A LOT  of them). So whether it’s the sweet, confusing looks on their faces or the hilarious situations they’ve somehow managed to get themselves into – I challenge you NOT to laugh and say “awwwwww” at least ONCE while browsing this list.

    Enjoy! And of course, you’re welcome.

    1. Be Sure To Correctly Follow The Instructions!

    I really want to know what was going through this hilarious doggos’ head when he was folding himself into this position… I mean… there’s no WAY this can possibly be comfortable, right!?

    2. Stay Strong, We’re In This Together!

    It’s not often that dogs are aware they’re actually being taken to the vet… usually, it’s the other way around and they have to be tricked into it. These poor pups are so convinced that they’re heading to that “dreaded place” however that they’re actually consoling each other! So sweet, and kinda sad.

    3. Hey Buddy, You Sharing Any Of That Or…

    There’s no such thing as dining in peace when you have a dog, never again will you have a meal alone… which has both its advantages… and its disadvantages. It’d be a lot easier if they weren’t so darn cute!

    4. PLAYTIME?

    When it comes down to playing fetch… this dog does NOT mess around. Who could ever turn down a face like that!?