Here's What 20 Different Kisses Actually Mean For You...


1.) Forehead kisses

A forehead kiss is actually meant as a gentle expression of admiration. This could apply to a friend or romantic partner than you are still in the early days of the relationship or are trying to reassure.

2.) Kiss on the hand

If I'm honest, I don't know anyone how still actually does this and it's never happened to me but here's what it's meant to be a chivalrous move to show your admiration for someone. However, it's a little outdated now, imagine your date standing up and kissing your hand, I wouldn't know whether to be flattered or creeped out!

3.) Eskimo kisses

An Eskimo kiss is when two people softly rub their noses from side to side against each other, pretty weird right? It's meant to show affection and is usually done between parents and children. However, the reason it's called the Eskimo kiss is because it originated in cold climates where couples couldn't kiss without their lips getting stuck together. Now it all makes sense!

4.) French kiss

French kisses aren't meant to be sloppy and disgusting so if they are for you, someone is doing something wrong! The French kiss is meant to convey passion and desire, however, sometimes it's just all tongue and it's a bit much...

5.) Single lip kiss

A single lip kiss is when you sandwich their lip between your own (sounds gross but there's no other way to describe it...sorry). This is a suggestive kiss that shows you are super into someone. I thought if you just kissed someone, in general, it showed that you're into them but no, it MUST be the single lip kiss folks!

6.) Earlobe kiss

Earlobe kisses sound pretty disgusting but they have a bit of a deeper meaning than that. It targets the erogenous zone which is actually a pretty big's apparently one of the most romantic and intimate kisses lovers can share. Looks like I've been doing everything wrong...

7.) Butterfly kiss

A butterfly kiss is where two lovers get so close when they kiss that their eyelashes connect...sounds pretty painful if you ask me! It's a very intimate kiss reserved for madly infatuated lovers.

8.) Lingering kiss

A lingering kiss is basically loads of subtle lip kisses over a long period of time. Usually, people do a lot of lingering kissing when they are in the throws on a new relationship and love is blooming.

9.) Cheek kiss

A cheek kiss can mean a million different things depending on where you are in the world. Some cultures use cheek kisses as a way to greet people and some cultures do it to show affection to a friend, family member or partner.

10.) Lipstick kiss

A lipstick kiss is where a girl will leave a lipstick mark on her partner or friend. It's usually a playful and flirty gesture but I would never do ruins your perfectly applied lipstick!

11.) Lizard kiss

This is just about as gross and disturbing as it sounds...the lizard kiss is where the tongue goes in and out of your partner's mouth in quick strokes. It's meant for lovers in the passion of the moment. I'll pass on that one thanks!

12.) Air kisses

An air kiss is probably something you've seen in old French movies or that your relatives sometimes do to you. It's that classic “Mwaah” on each cheek usually as a greeting or goodbye. Celebrities are a big fan of air kisses too.

13.) Eyelid kiss

This may sound like some kind of disturbing torture technique but I promise you that it's not! It's actually a sweet gesture between two people in love.

14.) Seductive kiss

What makes a kiss seductive I hear you ask? Well, a subtle French kiss with an open mouth but less tongue should do the trick! That's what a seductive kiss is anyway, used to win someone's heart.

15.) Bite and nibble kisses

This is for when you're hungry and want to eat your partner. No, it's actually when you bite and nipple certain facial features, without injuring them please, to show passion and playfulness.

16.) Jaw kisses

Jaw kisses are reserved for couples that are incredibly close to one another and know each other well. It is a sensual, intimate kiss designed to make your partner weak at the knees!

17.) Vampire kiss

The vampire kiss is about as scary as it sounds, its a sensual kiss on the neck that involves a lot of biting and sucking. This is definitely a kiss reserved for a quiet moment alone.

18.) Upside-down kiss

This one is for those spiderman fans out there, the upside down kiss originated from the Spiderman movies and has been popular since. It's a playful and passionate in the moment kiss. However, it's probably much easier and more convenient to do when you are both standing up vertically.

19.) Secret message kiss

Nope, I didn't know there was such thing as a secret message kiss either. Basically, it's a French kiss where you spell out a secret message to your partner to increase the intimacy. How skilled are these people with their tongues?! Don't answer that.

20.) Teaser kiss

Think of a teaser kiss like the teaser trailer for a movie but in kiss form...makes sense. Basically, this kiss starts at the forehead then face, neck, collarbone, arms and hands before going up again. Why? Apparently to tease? Sounds ticklish to me.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive list for all of your kissing needs. I don't know about you but I think I'll stick to one standard kiss. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!