Hilarious Dad Embarrasses Son With A Fabulous New Costume Each Day!

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Beautiful! I think you'll agree.

As you can imagine, this went down to storm with his son (not!) but that only made Dale more determined, and for the rest of the school year, Dad made sure he said au revoir to Rain in a different costume each day!

& The results, as you will soon see...were completely hilarious!

1. Time for Toilet

Oh my, I can imagine that this one, in particular, gave poor Rain a red face! No one really wants to see someone on the loo first thing in the morning, especially your father!

2. I'm not quite ready...

Wait...you forgot to brush your teeth! Dang it!

Looks like Dale is big on self-care in a morning! Loving the plastic hair net. it gives it that little bit more of the embarrassment factor! It's all about the little things!

3. That's one way to scare the bullies off!

I approve of this one, I think it would be the perfect bully repellant for his son! I mean, you wouldn't wanna mess with him, would you!?

4. So Brave


5. Budget Gandalf


6. Be good, or you're dead!

Another brilliant bully repellant! Off with their heads! (The skulls are a brilliant touch!)

7. Honolulu Baby

I'd be alright with this... (almost!) as long as he didn't start trying to do any dancing! Sheesh!

8. You're my princess

Star Wars

9. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

This one is actually quite cool! & I'm loving the little Captain America photobomb in the back! How could you be mad at this much awesomeness!?

10. A cut out, cop out!


11. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Looks like Batgirl has let herself go, a bit! Seriously though, how did Rain not kill his Father for some of these!? Or at least ban him from coming outside...or tie him up in the sitting room so he can't escape! I'm giving you tips, here Rain, go with them!

12. Clowning around!

I think this may be going a little too far, this isn't embarrassing, it's just plain scary! I bet the other kids on the bus were terrified! You've got to love that little matching clown shoe though! How genius is that!? It's actually quite cute!

13. The not so little Mermaid

"I want to be where the Dad's are, I wanna see, wanna see them embarrassinnnnn'!" (Yeah, doesn't quite have that same Disney magic to it, does it!?)

14. Safety First!

This is actually very clever and creative...either that or he was starting to run out of ideas! I love how he's even managed to get Rain's little brother in on the embarrassment game too! There's just no stopping him now!

15. Keep it simple!

I think this one is actually my favourite! Which proves that sometimes, keeping it simple really is the best option!

As embarrassing as all these are, I bet Dale became famous and well loved by all of Rain's classmates in the end, you'd look forward to the school day a bit more if you knew you'd get this to cheer you up every morning (even if Rain didn't think so!)

& It turns out that Dale was pretty creative and thrifty on the creation of these costumes, also! Surprisingly, he only spent $50 on them for the whole year, by borrowing from friends and neighbours to help complete many of the hilarious outfits. Eventually, Rochelle thought it was time for the whole world to see Dale's costume capers and  started a blog called Wave at the Bus, where unsurprisingly, his antics went viral!

So, what's the happy ending? After Rain graduated from high school he went to Liberia to be a missionary and sadly, Dale’s daily outfit shananigans came to an end, but he does keep updating the blog. So, the project might be over, but the photos live on! If you enjoyed these, then go check them out!

All photo credits to Dale Price: Wave at the Bus


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