Uncle's Hilarious Baby Shower Gifts Are The Major Reality Check All Moms Need


Baby showers don't often wield the most exciting gifts, diapers and baby clothes are usually the order of the day which is great and all but what do new moms really need?

Sometimes new moms need a little help from relatives who have been there, done that and got the (food stained) T-shirt. These seasoned parents can offer more creative, useful and pretty hilarious gifts to make mom's life much easier...

This uncle knew exactly what the new mom in his family needed and came up with hilariously creative presents that are probably far more helpful than a breastfeeding pillow!

1.) Avoid making the same "mistake"...

Of course, our little ones are never a mistake but after having one, you might want to think twice before committing to another baby anytime soon! So, condoms are definitely a must-have for new moms, I doubt she wants to endure another grueling 9 months! Not until she can forget how painful it was first time!

2.) Aspirin is also a necessity

Kid's obviously aren't aware of the headaches they gift you with the second they are born so you can't really blame them. This is why Aspirin is very important, it keeps you sane and stops you from wanting to scream at your child 24/7! This uncle really does know what he is doing.

3.) A lifesaving gift

Uncle Marty sees all of you parents and recognizes your struggle. There will be many a night where mom doesn't feel like cooking because she is plain exhausted. This is when McDonald's Happy Meals will quite literally be her heaven.

4.) The many sleepless nights...

The worst thing about sleepless nights is not only feeling like a zombie 24/7 but also having scary red eyes that make you look slightly insane. Thankfully, this uncle has a cure for this too, hopefully, it's extra strength!

5.) Pushing a human out of your vagina has its side effects

Sadly, hemorrhoid cream is quite a necessity for those poor new moms who have to suffer the not so pleasant side effects of birthing a human. For those of you who haven't had kids yet, you have been warned.

6.) A generous Target gift card because diapers aren't free

Uncle Marty really is an angel sent down from heaven. He knows exactly what it's like for new moms and how many times they will have to pop to the store to buy baby stuff. Thankfully, he is a generous man and gifted her with a card that should solve this problem.

Ivy was incredibly grateful for the gifts because not only were they helpful but also hilarious, she told CafeMom that, "As soon as I started opening his gift I couldn't talk, all I could do was laugh. However, even though it was hilarious it was actually really practical and really helpful. definitely put a smile on my face, which meant a lot to me cause I was a grouchy pregnant lady."

I think it's safe to say that Uncle Marty is now a hero to all pregnant ladies and has inspired them to ask for genuinely useful gifts at their baby shower. Which of these gifts is the most useful to you? Let us know in the comments! AAx