Outrage As Suspected Hunters Pose Laughing With Prize Endangered Leopard


The photos were uploaded to Facebook before being quickly taken down and show a group of men laughing as they parade the corpse of a clouded leopard around for their own vile amusement. 

(Source: Asia Wire via Facebook)

The clouded leopard is said to have an estimated population of 10, 000, the beautiful creature reportedly suffers from a decreasing population and has a red list status of 'vulnerable'. 

The creature has also been extinct in Taiwan and Singapore for years now. Seeing these odious grinning a*sholes makes me feel such an immense sense of hatred and disgust it's hard to articulate it.   

(Source: Asia Wire via Facebook)

Facebook user identified as one Max Mantra originally uploaded the photos after taking them, but quickly took them down. 

However, another user called Siva Nadarajan screenshot-ed the photos and shared them to another Facebook group for Hiking And Camping Around Malaysia, and it wasn't long before the photos garnered widespread attention.

It is also thought that the men featured in the background of the previous photo wearing blue uniforms are members of the Malaysian Civil Defence Force. 

(Source: Asia Wire via Facebook)

Siva Nadarajan did apparently attempt to report the incident to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia, but he was told that 'everyone has gone home' and therefore they would not register his complaint. 

Reports are unsure about whether or not he attempted to contact the organisation again, but I freakin' hope he did, although I imagine that judging by the amount of traction that these photos have now got that they are very aware of the incident!

(Source: Asia Wire via Daily Mail)

World Animal News attributes the decline in clouded leopard population to poaching for the purposes of using their fur and their bones for what they describe as 'so-called "traditional medicine".'

The photos have incurred quite a furious response from people across the internet with such responses as:

'This needs to stop!! Cruel so called human beings! Should be thrown in prison and the key thrown away to!' - Joanne Price

'How do you smile at the killing of a beautiful animal! Evil humans!' - Cindy Sherman

'Sickening and disturbing!' - Joy Ruth 

(Source: Asia Wire via Facebook)

Stories of poaching are still far too prominent in today's society. There are many fantastic organizations across the world dedicated to preventing such horrific acts, but sadly there are still certain people dedicated to eradicating the wonderful life that we have on this planet for needless personal reasons, regardless of whether they are endangered or not.

I really do not know how people such as this sleep at night, i mean, what coat could be worth the life of something so beautiful as this...

(Source: San Diego Zoo)

Hopefully, these people get what is coming to them. We simply cannot allow people to keep abusing this planet and its amazing animals any longer, otherwise, pretty soon there will be nothing left. 

I can't begin to imagine what it is going to take for people to start taking serious notice of the impact that we are having on this planet! What do you make of these hideous poachers and their crass photographs? Let me know in the comments, hopefully by sharing stories such as these, more people will begin to understand the horrific things happening to the brilliant animals on this planet and take action. AAx