How Beauty Standards For Men Have Changed Over The Past 100 Years

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But what about the fellas? I'd say the same pressure has always applied to our male counterparts.

Men have always been told to strive to be handsome, stylish, successful, and, of course, appealing to us ladies...and I'm guessing that all that in one package, is certainly not an easy task!

Especially when style, fashion and culture is always so fickle and is constantly changing with the times!

So, we'd thought we'd attempt to celebrate men's efforts to always look chizzled, smart and gorgeous, from the 1900s to the present day!

& We also thought it would be a great excuse to just stare at some handsome men for a bit...


1. The 1900's

In the time of wrestlers and strongmen, men in the 1900s were constantly striving for the perfect, muscle-bound physique!

Apparently, this look went down very well with the ladies of the day, as performances of Eugen Sandow at the beginning of the 20th century, were as popular with women as The Beatles’ concerts were in the ’60s! Wow, that's lot's of screaming, fainting hormones then!? Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has a couple of statuettes, depicting this famous athlete. Obviously, a perfect role model if you want a buff body!

2. 1910's

From buff butts to a time of pure elegance. WWI brought in the fashion for the handlebar moustache! Which at the time, was a style which was considered highly handsome and masculine. I always see a handlebar moustache as some kind of villainous trait myself...(I've watched too many movies) so maybe I'll think twice the next time I see one.

3. 1920's

From elegant lip fuzz to elegant and sleek hair...with a languishing look.

The time of the first movie star and the rise of cinema. Everyone went crazy over Rudolph Valentino! & Who could blame them!? Every hot-blooded male wanted the smooth, parted hairstyle, like Hollywood's newest leading man!

4. 1930's

From sexy moustaches to sexy hair, right back to sexy moustaches...

With the film industry still on the rise, people were copying the movie stars more and more...and the fellas were no exception! The perfect image of male beauty was now an athletic body with good posture, broad shoulders, narrow hips, and strong muscles. The famous Clark Gable whiskers also became the peak of fashion, putting lip fuzz back on the market for lusciousness!

5. 1940's

With World War II now in full swing, the military masculinity look was the 'in' thing for males. The traits that were required and associated with wartime action, such as a severe look, masculine features, dressed ’by the book,’ and being cleanly shaved were the ones that were also considered extremely sexy at the time.

6. 1950's

With the arrival of Rock 'n' Roll, came the whirlwind of handsomeness that was Elvis Presley. Tall, strikingly handsome and sensual, with a gorgeous voice, every guy wanted to be Elvis! So it stands to reason that the most popular hairstyle for men in the 50's, was his famous quiff!

& Let's not forget Marlon Brando...

'The Wild Ones'

7. 1960's

In a time of sensuality and outrageous sexuality, Alain Delon was the perfect image of male beauty. A tanned and athletic young man, with boyish features and a sensual look of dreamy blue eyes...

That'll do for me! *fans self*

But let's not forget The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison...

Who was the epitome of the 60's freedom of self-expression...he was perfectly charming, and with his unique charisma and deep lyrics, the ladies fell head over heels for this prince of psychedelic rock!

8. 1970's

Enter the poster boy for 'Pumping Iron', Arnold Schwarzenegger!

With the arrival of Mr Olympia himself...ladies went crazy, men got jealous went to go and pump some serious iron!

Although, I think most people would have had to lift some serious weightage if they were going to get to Arnie's level though, just look at those guns!

9. 1980's


10. 1990's


11. 2000's

The with the arrival of the era of metrosexuality, came the arrival of David Beckham...who instantly becomes the perfect man. He's a professional soccer player with all the attributes of an alpha male, including the six-pack, professional haircut, and the expensive clothes...

That was some pretty big (and expensive!) shoes to fill!

12. 2010's

Instead of the careless whispers in the '90s, the 2010s are all about the careless hipsters! (See what I did, there!?)

The hipster movement is currently taking men of the world by storm. With its easy carelessness style, beards, vintage clothes, slender or athletic shape, checkers or stripes, eyeglasses, tattoos, and a 'jaunty' look — and with all that, there you go, your perfect hipster guy is all ready to woo you! Ryan Gosling is the perfect example of this 'careless yet sexy' look...& that'll do for me!

13. Today

Monty Python

With beards and well, as much hair as possible really...and possibly a top not! This hairy, buff look is certainly gaining popularity with the men of today. So much so, it already has a name... 'lumber-sexuality!'

I personally wish that we could go back to the old days...but guys, remember...

whatever you feel beautiful in, that's YOUR own beauty ideal...and us ladies love you anyway, so don't worry too much!

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