Huge Alaskan Malamute Spotted Casually Sitting On The Plane Like A Person

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For transportation requirements, please refer to China Southern Airlines official website – travel assistance – special assistance. China Southern Airlines will always adhere to the ‘people-oriented’ principle of service, in acc

Video footage of a beautiful Alaskan Malamute sitting very still – on his very best behavior – has quite rightly gone viral. The gorgeous dog had been seated aboard a China Southern Airlines flight in order to take care of his disabled owner.

This Malamute is a service dog, who has reportedly been approved by medical professionals to fly alongside his owner as as a qualified emotional support animal. You can see why - what a calming presence he is!

His owner is said to be an emotionally vulnerable flyer, and their huge, furry best friend was permitted to be there in advance, in order to offer comfort and support.

Footage of the gorgeous dog, whose name has not been revealed, quickly went viral. The majestic boy can be seen sitting up in an airplane seat, looking quite happy as he observes his surroundings. Watch the adorable video below:


I don't know about you, but I fell in love as soon as he looked at the camera.

One person commented that it would be the only time they wouldn’t mind sitting next to somebody on a plane, and I have to agree. Another described him as being a ‘perfect passenger’.

Speaking on their policy, China Southern Airlines told journalists:

In other words, this malamute is a very, very good boy who deserves his seat.

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