I'm NOT Lovin' It: "McDonalds Brows' Are The Latest Trend To Ruin Our Eyebrows!


But, all that debauchery obviously hasn't been enough for most people, because now there is a new eyebrow trend taking over Instagram, that threatens to throw the once over plucked (yet innocent!) eye fuzz into complete ruin (and possibly, extinction!)


Yep, you heard me correctly (sadly!)

This does seem to have started out as just a joke.

Instagram beauty blogger Huda Kattan is demon creator behind them, and in her how-to video it's pretty clear she’s just larking around with the idea.

BUT, as you will soon see in the following damning pictures....a lot of people didn't get that memo!

DO NOT try these at home! (PLEASE!)

1. Errrm...


2. Seeing double

Well, she may not have sacrifced her own brows for this abomination, but the double eyebrow'ed look is never a good one, especially when they look like furry spiders legs for crying out loud!

3. McDrag Queen

This person already looks like they greatly regret their decision! Well, you know that they say, you play with fire, you get burnt, girl! & You can't play with fire much more heavily than dabbling with this sh*t!

4. WHY!?

You know it's not good when you're already at the 'JUST WHY!?' point so early on...I know I am!

It's a good thing he's cute or else I'd be telephoning the fashion police right now!


even they would think that it's just marketing thats gone way, way

6. All kinds of wrong!

If you want to take the world's most cringeworthy selfie, then just pair the McDonalds brows with the duck face...and a crumbling forehead! Not a good look, girl! & Put those lips back before you end up stuck like that! I'm sure you've done enough damage to your reptuation already, without that!

7. Almost...

I almost forgave her...I thought 'Wow, actually, she's killin' it!' and then I noticed the AWFUL job she's made at covering up her original brows! I'd say she should keep trying, but I'd rather she didn't...for the sake of humanity and our eyebrows!

8. You've not even tried!


9. It doesn't count

I'm sorry (I'm not really), but if you don't cover up your original ones, then they shouldn't count as McD's brows! Because then, you've basically just painted a big yellow 'M' on your forehead! Which to be honest, I could forgive more!

10. Terrible twinnies!

You know what!? I hate to say it (truly I do!) but I actually don't mind these ones so much! They actually look...(dare I say it!?) cute! & I always love a bit of glitter...even in this horrible context! It's actual proof that glitter can save anything!

11. It's just unsettling...

I don't know what it is about it, or whether it's just me, but the hairier they are, the more they creep me out! Urgh! I hope this trend dies a horrible fiery, hairy death very soon!

12. Okay, this is cute!

Okay, you got me! I admit it! This is pretty adorable. She wins the prize for being the only one on this list, not to make me recoil in horror!

13. Sweet...but leaves a sour taste!

Okay, this is pretty cute too...and she almost got forgiven also, but again...the sheer hairiness of them has let her down! Come on guys, this can't be something that you want to leave behind for your children, can it!?

Well, I hope they have all managed to at least bag a free meal out of McDonald's for this...but to be honest, even that wouldn't be motivation or compensation enough to do this sh*t to my face!

I personally miss the over plucked days of the late 90's and early 200o's!! I still keep my eyebrows paper thin and I'm proud of the fact that I wake up in a morning and don't have to draw my eyebrows on.

Having natural eyebrows has become a thing of the past, but I think we should totally campaign to bring them back, after seeing these monstrosities!

What do you think of this trend? Hot or not? Cute or Burn!? We think we may already know your answers, but feel free to let us know anyway...because it'll be funny!