Husband Demands Wife Sign Prenup Promising She'll Lose Baby Weight Within One Year


One Reddit user took to the internet's first port of call for anonymous advice when she came across a few strange clauses in the prenup that her fiance's father included, one of which was a demand that after giving birth she must lose the baby weight within one year!  

Prenup agreements can be a very good thing for lots of couples, and the person who posted her conundrum even acknowledged that, 'when he asked me for a prenup I wasn't too surprised and I am all for them actually.' 

However, when her husband-to-be's father drafted up the agreement, she realized that there were a few peculiar clauses in there which didn't seem fair... or legal.

(Source: Reddit)

I can't tell what bit of this I find to be the most disgraceful, the fact that she is meant to lose the baby weight in a year, or the fact that she is essentially getting paid to have children? 

This sounds like the sort of prenup that Henry VIII would look to get if he was around today!

Also, it is unclear whether the husband also forfeits anything if he cheats on her, which feels a little one-sided... because it is!

Responses on the thread were wildly in favor of her consulting her own legal counsel.

(Source: Reddit)

There were comments from a variety of lawyers from different fields as well as members of the general public all of which were telling her to do what I think she probably knew all along; get your own freakin' lawyer 'cause this man's crazy!

If a man is shallow (and downright weird) enough to think it's okay to create legal clauses about your body itsuggests he has a very unhealthy attitude towards women in general! Or is that just me? 

Also, if he wants a clause to prevent you from cheating, there doesn't seem to be much trust there!

Some other comments on the predicament were not exactly helpful. However, my personal favorite was one that caught the balance between helpful and hilarious just right:

'You can also make him sign some conditions. Eg. If he goes bald, he needs to pay you some amount. If he is unfaithful, all conditions of the prenup are null and void.' - MatrixKape

I'd like to see that mans face if you presented with him a legally binding document which demeaned him and objectified his body by being dependent on, say... his hairline, sexual ability, and weight, he'd have a freakin' face like a cherry tomato! 

It's unclear what happened in this case but I sincerely hope that she took literally everyone's unanimous advice and didn't simply sign that seedy, demeaning document! 

Losing baby weight following childbirth is a difficult thing, and y'know what, it's almost like your wife has just had a baby and has more important things on her mind than going out for a run because you want her to look a certain way forever! 

If you're not going to be there to properly support your wife after she's given birth then she deserves someone freakin' better who treats her with respect!

What do you make of this story? Would you be okay signing something like that, or do you see it as demeaning and unreasonable as I do? Let me know in the comments below! AAx