It Was Barbie & Ken's 60th Birthday On Saturday And They Were Reimagined As Real People


I think it's safe to say that pretty much every woman (and potentially some men) had at least one Barbie during their lifetime right? And if you didn't, you definitely, definitely knew who she was. You maybe even had some kind of "knock-off" version... I know I did!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, you're aware of who Barbie is, correct? But are you aware of the fact that she just turned 60 years old this past Saturday? Because she did! I know I know... still looks great for her age, right?

60 is a big-deal age to turn for anybody, and most people do something big in order to celebrate reaching such a milestone. Well, Lumen took it into their own hands to help Barbie celebrate, and they did something absolutely magical for her!

Keep reading to find out what it was...



The photos, which feature absolutely 100% no airbrushing whatsoever, only natural lighting were created in order to show the true beauty of growing older and reaching the glorious age of 60!



And I think it's certainly safe to say that their mission was completely and utterly successful, don't you!? I mean, just look how freakin' gorgeous this woman is! It's almost like looking in a mirror...


And I'm sure none of you will mind me saying, seeing as I'm sure most of you will agree with me, but to me, Barbie as a 60-year-old, looks just as, if perhaps not even more so, beautiful than when we first graced our shelves 60 years ago. What do you say!?



And of course, how could we possibly forget Barbie's extremely long-term boyfriend Ken? Ken himself even makes an appearance in Barbie's birthday photo shoot as a handsome, silver-haired fox. Meoooow!

Not only is this photoshoot incredible and things ur dreams a literally made of... it is also helping to spread a gloriously wholesome message too. It is part of a campaign by Lumen in order to help push back against ageism within the toy industry... as well as being able to celebrate the true beauty of growing older.

"Many women say that in their fifties and sixties they’ve never felt more empowered in their own skin – and this should be reflected by influential icons like Barbie."

During a press release Charly Lester, who is a co-founder as well as a CMO of Luman, said;

And to that, I say PREACH IT, SISTER!

"We encourage the toy industry to consider making their products more pro age – who says that everyone should be in their 20s to be a success?"

Lester then continued:

In all honesty, no matter what Barbie's age may be, I think we can ALL agree that she looks freakin' amazing, and it truly is a nice breath of fresh air to see more "natural looking" toys for a change. Who knows, maybe the trend will catch on!?


What do you think folks, is this a good idea? Do you like seeing Barbie as a 60-year-old Goddess? 'Cause I know I do! Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your friends and family in order to help Barbie (and Lumen) celebrate even more! x