Jameela Jamil Hits Back At "Weird/Sexist" People Blaming Bradley Cooper's Breakup On Lady Gaga

Jameela Jamil Hits Back At “Weird/Sexist” People Blaming Bradley Cooper’s Breakup On Lady Gaga

Jameela Jamil Hits Back At “Weird/Sexist” People Blaming Bradley Cooper’s Breakup On Lady Gaga

    If you haven’t been living under a rock for all of 2019 you’ll probably be aware of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga being the most “shipped” couple since Keanu Reeves and everybody on the internet.


    Since the dynamic duo took the two lead roles in A Star Is Born the internet has been absolutely RIFE with Cooper/Gaga romance theories… Gooper theories, if you will.

    Despite both celebs vehemently denying that their friendship had any resemblance to their on-screen romance, a particularly sensual Oscars performance didn’t help matters much…

    Since then Cooper has announced that he and his partner Irina Shayk will be parting ways. Although the couple appear to be on good terms and doing everything possible to ensure an amicable break-up, putting their daughter at the forefront of all their decisions, some are convinced that the split isn’t quite as simple as it may seem.

    With rumours still circulating that Gaga and Cooper were more than just co-stars and friends, many are quick to lay the blame at the pop-stars feet for the conclusion of Cooper’s long-term relationship.

    However, others are keen to defend Gaga, stating that she is being unfairly blamed due to baseless rumours and, of course, societies general inability to accept a successful woman can be thriving and living her best life without a man.

    That’s when Jameela Jamil stepped into the ring to defend her fellow A-lister, sighting sexism as the reason Gaga is receiving being blamed for the break-up.

    And the gal has got a point! Gaga is being blamed for something that she likely had no involvement in! OKAY, that Oscars performance was so steamy that spectacle wearers couldn’t see a blind thing BUT they were playing characters right?

    Who would honestly sit through a stiff-as-wood performance of a love song? Not this gal!

    And besides, why is it anybody’s business why Cooper and Shayk have split?! They may be celebrities but it doesn’t mean they owe the public an explanation.

    Jamil wasn’t alone in her frustration either and many rallied around the actress to express similar irritation;

    It’s amazing how often I pull the EXACT expression of this kid…

    This is doubtless a very stressful time for Shayk and Cooper (who btw aren’t married as Jamil thought they were) so why people keep trying to squeeze something more sensationalist out of them is just beyond me.

    I get the want, nay, the need for drama. We all enjoy discussing some particularly good tea! But when it’s all speculation, no scrap of fact and about people we know nothing of and never will… surely we can find better stuff to chat about than this?!

    Honestly, I think we should make Jameela Jamil the Queen of Earth. She deals with so much drama with grace, class and bad-ass wit than I can absolutely respect.

    I bow to this goddess, she’s out to protect us gals. It’s why it’s so important she speaks out at moments like this (even for women she doesn’t really know!) if we, as women, refuse to drag other women (often, simply for being women!) we’ll be working our way to an awesome, empowered future!

    If anybody was going to unashamedly call BS it would be Jamil, so you can trust her opinion in this matter, I reckon!

    What have you done to defend your girl gang? Let me know all about it in the comments and be sure to tag the girls you stick with no matter what! Stay sassy xox