Jawesome! A Two-Headed Shark Has Been Found Off The Coast Of California!

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"A 2011 study described conjoined twins discovered in blue sharks caught in the Gulf of California and northwestern Mexico. Blue sharks have produced the most recorded two-headed embryos because they carry so many babies - up to 50 at a time."

National Geographic have noted an increase in the appearances of these strange anomalies.

They said:

Further discoveries of these conjoined-twin sharks include sightings off the coast of Florida and in the Indian Ocean. Spanish scientists have also revealed that one of their lab shark embryos began growing two heads.

"Each head had a mouth, two eyes, a brain, a notochord , and five gill openings on each side."

It remains unclear why these mutations are occurring, but previous studies have found connections with infections and pollution.

Don't worry, @TannerLPer, sharks are actually very unlikely to bite people!

This latest discovery of shark evolution will probably result in another one of these horrendous movies...

But from the pictures of the babies we have seen, it is hard to imagine those derpy little shark heads hurting anybody!

Maybe Mother Nature really liked the game Shark Evolution and thought she'd give it a go in real life?

What do you think? Are you in awe of nature or terrified of ever going into the sea ever again? Let us know in the comments and tag a friend who loves sharks!

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