Jimmy Kimmel Asked People If Homo Sapiens Should Be Saved And Their Responses Will Terrify You

Jimmy Kimmel Asked People If Homo Sapiens Should Be Saved And Their Responses Will Terrify You

If you know me (and by this point, I hope you do!) you’ll know that my stance on human beings is basically this: we’re trash. Now, I say that in my own, especially fond way… you know how much I simply adore you all! However, there does come a time when I say that and I really, truly mean it… especially when it comes to uneducated fools.

Honestly, (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) I used to think that grown-ups always knew exactly what they were doing and that they were smart and capable and knew how to run the world in such a way that we can all benefit and live our best lives.

…so imagine my surprise when I actually became one and realized, well, most of the time grown-ups don’t have a freakin’ clue what they’re talking about, or what is actually going on in the world around them.

And here’s why I personally think that may be. Many adults, having finished school, get sucked into the mundane routines of work and family, joining the “rat race” in order to survive and keep their lives ticking over.

Pretty much ALL of what was learned at school is very quickly forgotten, and continuing education is replaced by entertainment because well, it requires less effort and brain power. The result is that a lot of adults will know less about basic math, science and history than your average 12-year-old.

In other words… they become lazy and stupid. Two very dangerous qualities to have.

Here’s where Jimmy Kimmel comes into it. Recently, Kimmel took to the streets in order to find out exactly what people thought about the current plight of the Homo Sapiens, and whether they (aka, we) as a species really deserve to be saved.

Of course, you kinda have to take these videos with a pinch of salt because really, who knows the context? They could’ve been out for days, interviewing thousands of people in order to get these select few, simply catastrophic fails, which is fair enough.

Something tells me, however, given the er… how do I put this? The current state of education in America, that this wasn’t quite the case. Like, at all. But hey, that’s just me.

Look, it’s fair enough, okay? If you don’t know, then you just don’t know. But there’s something about the tendency of people to lie and bluff their way through that is particularly infuriating to me, as well as many others I’m sure.

You see, it goes beyond being uneducated. These people literally lack curiosity and are too freakin’ proud to ask for information, so they simply try to ‘fake it till they make it.’ …much like a certain person in a certain position of power I can think of right now.

This prevailing attitude toward knowledge has become dangerously common, and goes some way to explaining why America ranks so low on current intelligence and education tables (sorry guys – but it’s true, and I’m here to call everybody out on it).

But what do you think? Are Homo Sapiens worth saving, or are we really just completely doomed? Well, I gotta tell you, based on these folks’ answers, it ain’t lookin’ good for any of us.

One of the respondents truly summed up our predicament with an accidental piece of revealingly insightful commentary:

“I don’t know what a homo sapien is. If they’re going extinct, that’s very sad. But at the end of the day, I don’t care.”

At least she was bloomin’ honest!

If you’d like to watch the full video for yourself, then you can do so below – I’m warning you though, it may truly cause both rage and shame to flow freely around your body almost immediately:


As for me? Well, I’m with this lady below:

Just let those stupid, nasty, good-for-nothing Homo Sapiens die already, okay!? They’ve had their chance and they’ve messed everything up… it’s time for a new era to begin! Whatever that may freakin’ be.

Seriously though folks, never stop questioning the things that happen around you. Never stop learning, never stop researching, never be too proud to admit you don’t know something. Take the time to inform yourself about important issues and listen to the opinions, thoughts, and feelings of others, even if they don’t align with your own!

Learn from each other, grow from each other, teach each other, love each other… In case you haven’t noticed, but we need all this now more than we ever had before!