John Stamos Jokes About Wife Being 'Hammered' Before Giving Birth

John Stamos Jokes About Wife Being ‘Hammered’ Before Giving Birth

John Stamos Jokes About Wife Being ‘Hammered’ Before Giving Birth

    Talking to People Magazine, John Stamos joked about his Wife being ‘hammered’ for the birth of their first son after Doctor’s advised her to have a glass of wine before going into labour, and the internet may not have caught the funny side.

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    The General Hospital and Fuller House star John Stamos (who is somehow 55 years old… have you seen him? What’s going on there?!) recently explained the details of the birth of their first son to Peoplebut some actual real 100% human people didn’t see the funny side to the story….

    Stamos: “It all started when [Caitlin] had contractions, [but then] we went to the doctor and he said, ‘It’s not ready, why don’t you go home and have a glass of wine? She normally doesn’t drink, and hadn’t drank for nine months … she had one glass of wine and she was hammered”

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    His wife Caitlyn continued the story by saying, “It was really funny. I get to the hospital and I said, ‘I already had a glass of wine, now it’s a party!’ Then they gave me the epidural and I was laughing all over the place.”

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    Look, everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink during pregnancy; however, there are some instances where a pregnant woman may be advised by a doctor to have a single glass of wine as it can reportedly make the body relax and induce labour.

    Obviously this is rare, although Stamos and his wife experienced it, as they clearly state that their doctor advised them as such! But, in making a flippant joke about it have incurred the fervent wrath of internet opinionists worldwide.

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    One person tweeted: “Alcohol and pregnancy is HORRIFYING!!! What’s wrong with people???”

    And another commented: “not laughing here… can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, or other life time complications. I wouldn’t recommend her Obygyn…”

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    Others were much quicker to see the reality of the situation and defended the couple, with one person posting, ‘[To] anyone else who is ignorant, one glass of wine at the end of a pregnancy will certainly not cause fetal alcohol syndrome, and besides the article clearly states that the doctor suggest the drinking. Read the article, educate yourself on facts, and get a grip before you comment.’