Josie Cunningham Has Revealled She Was Abused by Saville

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Josie told The Sun that her and Jimmy lived in the same area so she saw him quite a few times. She explained why she's coming forward with the story of her abuse now;

The reason I've decided to speak about this now is because I understand that my interest in fame and the insecurities I have with my body have all stemmed from the time I met Jimmy.

When I saw him jokingly trying to grab my boobs I was terrified. My lack of breasts have always been my weakness. To take control of the situation I panicked and hugged him. I quickly placed his hands on my bum. I don't know why I did that.

I just felt like it was taking control and, if his hands were on my bum and we were hugging, he would have no way to see or feel that I had no breasts.

Josie went on to describe his assault on her.

He squeezed my bum and then squeezed the inside of my thigh around the top. I was wearing a skirt and his hands were freezing.

It's been a big decision for me to talk about this - not because I'm worried about people thinking I was being a slag but because I feel incredibly disloyal to Jimmy.

He kept a lot of my secrets and it feels like I'm exposing his. I've never spoken to the police about what happened with Jimmy. Jimmy was the last man to ever call me pretty.

Josie's claims have not been verified by police because, so far, she had refused to speak to them.

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