Internet Goes Wild When Judge Judy Lets Dog Decide Verdict Of Trial


Like it or not, Judge Judy is one of the most bizarre and chaotic experiments that television has ever put on the air, and the show hit its peak when Judge Judy asked a dog to decide the verdict of a case, and it's just as amazing as you're imagining it to be!

(Source: Dlisted)

The case in question, as much as I want it to be something super technical and imagine a dog in a judge's uniform, was a case of who was the true owner of the good boy in question, who actually went by the name of Baby Boy.

The defendant in the case had bought the exceptionally good boy Baby Boy outside of a mall for $50 (because that seems like a legitimate transaction), but when the original owner whom claimed that Baby Boy had been stolen from him found out, he took the defendant to court... Judy's court. 

Little did they know that Baby Boy himself would okay a crucial part in the case!

The new owner was adamant that the dog had been purchased legally and so they had rights to the little pooch. However, the original owners claimed that the dog was still theirs as it had been stolen from them.

Pictured below: Right - New Owner , Left (Middle) - Original Owner

I can't freakin' believe that people actually steal other people's pets, that has got to be one of the lowest schemes! If someone stole a pet of mine, I'd tear cities apart until I found it!

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As the experienced Judge Judy struggled to decide, the new owner threw a final Hail Mary and attempted to win over the Judge by showing documents from her vet which said that the age of the dog was different to that of the original owner's stolen dog. 

However, the dog's age was proved to be different thanks to some doggy detective work. 

Judy ultimately called for Baby Boy to be brought in... and isn't he just the cutest piece of incriminating evidence this side of the judicial system...

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As soon as the dog is brought into the courtroom you can see his little nose (which we just want to boop) pointing directly towards the original owners and his tail begins to wag furr-iously! 

Judge Judy then orders that the hound be released, with the aim being for the dog to choose which is its rightful owner.

And of course the dog runs immediately over to the original owner and tried to leap into his arms as the original owner is reduced to tears to be reunited with his good boy... and it makes for a moment of television so pure that we don't deserve to witness it. Thank you Judge Judy!

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The defendant attempts to claim that the dog 'does that to everybody', but Judge Judy rules that the dog belongs to the original owner, reuniting the two, and my heart just can't handle much more of this!

In the post-scuffle breakdown (I don't know if that's what it's called but I like that term), the original owner says, 'This means everything in the world to me [...] This is like my child.'

(Source: YouTube)

I freakin' love this so much and will from now on have this clip saved to my desktop for whenever I need reminding that the world is not a terrible place! 

The internet also embraced this news with all of the meme-powered warmth it was capable of, with such comments as:

'That guy with his dog melts my damn heart! I can't even!'

'As a dog lover, this got me right in the feels....'

And one hilarious observation, 'Man if it was a cat it would be different. She puts the cat down and it just walks out the court room'

Now that is accurate!

Did this story rekindle the smoldering fire at the base of your icy internet-hardened heart? Or do you think this is just Judge Judy fishing for more media coverage? Let me know in the comments below! AAx