Justin Bieber Just Challenged Tom Cruise To A Fight And The Internet Doesn't Know Who To Root For


Celebrities are well known for their petty feuds. It's not always apparent why they're hating on each other or what could have possibly caused 'beef' (as I believe the young people call it) between them. One rivalry you might not have expected though would be between pop-singing sensation Justin Bieber and Top Gun star/Scientology guru Tom Cruise. 

However, a recent tweet from young Mr Bieber made evident that he has some serious problems with Cruise. 

He posted the following: 

(Image Credit: Twitter)

The reason the tweet caused so much conflict in the online community? Simple, Justin Bieber is a HUGE celebrity, Tom Cruise is a HUGE celebrity and both are pretty controversial characters! 

Cruise has reportedly abandoned his relationship with one of his daughters because of his stature in the notoriously weird church of Scientology. 

Most former fans have given up their devotion to Cruise when the actor got involved with the church and estranged himself from everyone outside of it...

On the flip side, Justin Beiber has been pretty ruthlessly mocked since his first hit, "Baby" in 2010. Many mocked his high-pitched voice and 'swooshy' hair, which I always thought was pretty nasty, he was just a kid when he released the single! 

Almost ten years later and I think it's fair to say that the fame has gone to Beibers head just a little...

Having been allegedly embroiled in a whole host of criminal activity, such as taking illicit drugs, drink driving and hiring prostitutes Beiber certainly isn't on the straight and narrow.

Maybe you like his music, but would you really back this guy in a fight?

Furthermore, Beiber has become infamous for treating his fans poorly. 

The exceptionally vast number of JB fans (or "Beliebers" as they have come to term themselves) may have been subject to his moody stage demeanor, being spat upon by the singer or a range of other terrible things. 

So it seems unlikely they'll be in his corner!

Some people took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the challenge. 

And they really didn't hold back! 

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How true, I'm always sure to remind my friends and family of that fact at Christmas time when they're testing my patience! 

Despite Justin having the advantage of youth, most people appeared to be in favor of Cruise winning the proposed fight. 

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A devastating burn.

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Yeah! Justin! Quit picking on grandpa! 

Sadly, Cruise's Twitter has become a barren wasteland with his most recent tweet being from January. 

So (whether Cruise has responded at all) he hasn't returned the Tweet. 

Though I can't imagine the actor taking up an invitation to violence I'm fairly certain he WOULD win! 

Cruise is famous for performing all of his own stunts, I'm pretty confident he could throw a punch or two if he had to! 

It's not at all evident why JB is trying to fight Cruise, the two come from completely separate worlds and I can't imagine when or why they ever would have met, let alone started a feud! 

But I guess in the wild and wonderful world of stardom anything can happen! 

Should the fight materialize (which I highly doubt it will) then let it be known I absolutely put my bets on Cruise. 

Like that guy said; YOU DON'T FIGHT CRAZY. 

Who would you back in this fight? Does youth have the edge or experience? Let me know in the comments! Also be sure to tag your friends and family who are obsessed with these two celebs! AAx